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Thanks for the memories, toasting.wordpress!


I love this song. It’s sad (if it’s that dreadful/then just leave it all) but so soothing, great on rainy winter afternoons. Malaysia BOLEH!

After hours of futile attempts at being productive, I tried to seek help…and I found out about the Pomodoro Technique! Don’t know much about the whole technique but I’ve just been making myself go through 25 minutes (one Pomodoro) of uninterrupted work, then giving myself a 5 min break. I’m supposed to continue that cycle til I get 4 Pomodoris. Then I get a long break ^_^ But I tweaked the method and have been giving myself a long break (which may or may not be the recommended 15 min) every 2 Pomodoris lol. But anyway, check it out if you are a serious procrastinator, which I obviously am. Like, I’m supposed to be working but I’m on WordPress now… Well I’m just trying to stick to my resolution…

Anyway, you can apply this time-management technique to the whole day, I think, to help you manage tasks well. I’m not quite sure how you can integrate it into your life completely, there’s a whole book explaining that which I doubt I’ll 1. pay for and 2. read, so I won’t be Pomodoro-ed. But I just love how cute it sounds ^_^

On another note, today Xr and I had an amazing dinner at Sukho! Sukho never disappoints. Can’t wait to bring everyone/anyone visiting me/us in Notts there, and watch them get their minds blown.

Tomorrow I will be trying to recreate Koya’s beautiful Pork Belly side dish omg am seriously excited for that. It’ll be a mix between Koya’s PB and China’s (lol) 红烧肉。我好兴奋!Been pretty inspired lately, I have lotsa cooking ideas and I feel motivated to cook properly, it’s either my pent up energy from not exercising or the procrastinating bug. Probably both. Oh it must be also because Xr and I have been watching Hell’s Kitchen…a habit that started after I watched Ramsay’s (thx Jessica :*) scrambled eggs video lol.

I’m not a fan of scrambled eggs but when done the Ramsay way, though troublesome and requiring more elbow grease, I get more consistent results. It is also very yummy (so says Xr). Yummy is always good so I will keep doing it the Ramsay way til I find a better alternative! Ciao

Gone are the days of 200Mbps download speeds (that means an entire series done in less than 5min. saywut)…everyone’s moving back into the building and I’m getting 200kbps at best now. SOBBLES :'( also, exams start next week. gimme back my Christmas break pretty pretty pretty please


On the second day of 2014, XR and I decided do the #100happydays challenge! It’s day 3 today and I haven’t posted a thing, I don’t have much to post about sigh am I gonna fail?! Nothing interesting to post though ugh..but I’m happy ^.^

Anyway, that day we also finally made salted egg yolk prawns for dinner!

Tweaked the batter a bit by adding beer and now it’s beer-battered salted egg yolk prawns. Sounds so much cooler, more adult hehe. Recipe under the cut! Sadly no pics because I haven’t uploaded them…hm there needs to be a wireless way to do this.

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In 2014, I resolve to:

  1. Enjoy my mornings—have a real breakfast everyday, and do sun salutations if I wake up before 9
  2. Be more punctual—attend most lectures (STOP OVERSLEEPING!)
  3. Be more reflective—blog at least twice a week
  4. Nurture my creativity—take at least a photo a day
  5. Live in a happy, clean environment—make my bed every morning, keep room clean, neat and clutter-free
  6. Be a better daughter—call home at least once a week
  7. Live simply—by firstly sticking to my budgets…
  8. Be more mindful—make no room for mistakes, but stay calm when things go wrong

So yes last night’s resolution-setting session was quite productive. Here’s to a happy, full year ahead to one and all! Keep well x

SIGH i really wanted to post an epic one about 2013, with pics and all, but now i cannot bring myself to because i am ~*hard pressed for time*~, have to spend my precious time studying. i really wish i could stop myself from mindlessly scrolling, surfing the interwebz so that i’ll be more productive and therefore have more quality time to myself/spend with xr, but it’s so damn difficult. i’m such a huge procrastinator and i think that’s a millenial disease. how ah? i haven’t even come up with my new year’s resolutions hahaha i know it’s not a big deal but i want to okay? so i will do it tonight, and post it some time soon, i think

have a few very ideas and projects in mind but i never have the discipline to follow through with them :( hope my reflection+resolution making session later on will be productive!