the girl has turned seventeen!!! NOT. not until 2 weeks + 2 days later. because she will be away, we celebrated’s sexy seventeen today at Meritus Mandarin’s Pine Court – Dim Sum buffet lunch! :-D after a very satisfying meal (+ damn good cake from Rive Gauche – again but I don’t think anyone’s complaining coz it’s EPIK then again I wonder who can complain coz I think I was the only one there who spent 3 birthdays with her :P o Estelle but clearly she wasn’t coz she had 3 helpings? ^^)

Hay bff ;-D

Awwwww lovebirds

Four thirteen ’08!

Damn cute fried ball thingies lol

Ith sistahz

We who were last to leave got a pretty picture hehe

after lunch margaux yicheng jon and i watched storm warriors. it was quite retarded – ha ha ha. went home after the show… walked to somerset and guess who i bumped into at f21! i saw yiyuan’s sister and texted her ‘Hi omg I think I saw your sis at 313 somerset’s f21!’ and she called coz SHE’S WITH HER SISSY LOLOL i miss u junior ;(

SEEING YOU TMR and the rest of my jnrs, Yipyip! Jiaolian too omg I miss her so~much~~~.

K gbye world hope you’ve had a good day :*


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