I woke up this morning and thought it was Sunday

Hai everybody I’m so tired bored everything it’s raining hm Im downloading Skins season 3 now and I downloaded vuze yesterday i was introduced to the world of torrents yesterday ok not so noob I remember in p6 we had limewire? which had tons of viruses so i quit trusting those p2p sharing programs but well i think now it’s pretty safe coz everyone’s using them. downloaded a few movies and downloading moarrr haha think I’m going to Orchard later with Dad sister sister2 cousin cousin2 and uncle wowow I haven’t done a single bit of Christmas shopping it’s in 6 days omaigaht omaigaht how how how huh huh huh ok fact: never had present exchanging tradition within family so one less hassle i suppose but i really wanna give my parents something but i dont know what and i dont know what to get my friends honestly no.clue.:( o shit just realised i may not be able to get my log cake l8r coz its so last minute probably needed to order or some shit

The upcoming week is pretty exciting:

Sunday SS, Monday NYVB Christmas Lunch @ Cafe Cartel (as always, ^^, I <3 U JIAOLIAN) then Sec 4 gathering at Lydia’s, Tuesday Christmas Party @ Jeremy’s, Wednesday go get stuff from Sahchay’s and watch movie/Christmas shopping OMG I FORESEE HUGE CROWDS DIE DIE DIE OMG NUUUU ._. Thursday is Christmas Eve… Rest and Relax. I think? I don’t know omg haha Friday it’s Christmas! Party! Yipyipz “D

I’m listening to Sarah China Chay’s mix on 8tracks naow later I need to get a log cake? Or 2 for Monday’s Christmas lunch I wanted to make Christmas cards but +sloth -time =NO GO.

bbbbbbbbbbyeworld have a great saturday



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