Stereotype – just for laughs

Tim showed me these links yesterday I thought some of it were completely lol-worthy, some were even true!!!

Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Author/Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Indie Bands

A couple of my favs (more like authors I’ve heard of/bands I like) under the cut…

Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Author

J.D. Salinger
Kids who don’t fit in (duh).

Stephenie Meyer ✓
People who type like this: OMG. Mah fAvvv <3 <3.

J.K. Rowling
Smart geeks.

Jodi Picoult
Your mom when she’s at her time of the month.

William Shakespeare
People who like bondage.

Mark Twain

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
People who drink scotch.

Edgar Allan Poe
Men who live in their mother’s basements. Or goth seventh graders.

Margaret Atwood
Women whose favorite color is hunter green.

Nicholas Sparks
Women who are usually constipated.

Sylvia Plath
Girls who keep journals (too easy).

George Orwell
Conspiracy theorists (too easy).

Harper Lee
People who have read only one book in their life and it was To Kill A Mockingbird (and it was their assigned reading in the ninth grade).

Nick Hornby
Guys who wear skinny jeans and the girls that love them.

Alice Sebold
People who liked Gilmore Girls – even in the first season.

C.S. Lewis
Youth group leaders who picked their nose in the 4th grade.

Shel Silverstein
Girls who can’t spell “leheim”.

Mitch Albom
People who didn’t go to college but do well on crossword puzzles.

Salman Rushdie
People who google image search Padma Lakshmi late at night.

Stereotyping People by Their Favorite Indie Bands

The XX
Blog enthusiasts who thought wearing a keffiyeh was awesome.

Passion Pit ✓
Bros vaguely interested in listening to music and very interested in having sex with their girlfriend.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Girls who bought checkered sneakers in the 8th grade.

Fleet Foxes
Hopelessly patchy beard growers.

Grizzly Bear
People who think that world hunger could be assuaged with four part harmonies.

Wavves ✓
Dudes who think low production value is “authentic” and would go down on Todd P.

Steve Aoki
Alts who don’t “get” Hipster Runoff.

Animal Collective ✓
Guys who make “Best of the Year” lists in January based predominantly on “feeling.”

The Antlers
Boys who enjoy crying more than their girlfriend.

Vivian Girls
Girls who purchase a guitar, buy flannel from the Salvation Army, wear glasses that they don’t actually need, and still can’t get the guy.

Vampire Weekend ✓
Bros who try to make out with girls at concerts by relating to them via old Nickelodeon shows. “Remember Pete & Pete??”

Death Cab for Cutie ✓
Girls who quote lyrics as their Facebook status.

She & Him ✓
People who hate Ben Gibbard.

Bon Iver ✓
People with self-esteem issues and probably hate Ben Gibbard.

The Shins
Premature alts who considered Garden State a life-altering viewing experience.


Tegan & Sara ✓
Lesbians and guys who firmly believe that when there are two girls on stage together, there is a 63% chance of them making out.

St. Vincent
Feminists. Why this I don’t understand :|

Ra Ra Riot
Girls who got their boyfriends to watch Me and You and Everyone We Know. I’m gonna watch this!!!

Bat for Lashes
Girls who wear leggings outside of ’80s-themed parties.

Guys who only read Pitchfork for the ratings and haven’t showered in at least two days.

Kimya Dawson ✓
Chicks who are described by their girlfriends as “sweet” and “really nice” when guys ask if their friend is hot.

Girls ✓
Anyone who thinks The Catcher in Rye is the greatest book of all time.

Kid Cudi
Blipsters who still wear neon shoes and smoke pot.

Matt and Kim ✓
Closeted Blink-182 enthusiasts. True they sound like Blink 182!

Here We Go Magic ✓
Guys who are ‘over’ Gizzly Bear.

Phoenix ✓
People who don’t listen to enough music.

Sufjan Stevens ✓
People who believe in two things: Jesus and Juno.

Girls who don’t understand politics.

Regina Spektor
Girls who don’t understand boys.

Bros who, at one point in their lives, have tried to grow a mustache.

Arcade Fire
Frequent transcendental experience havers.

Patrick Wolf ✓
Gay guys.

Girls who throw up at every party.

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