Princess and the Frog!


I can’t express how much I love Princess and the Frog. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much for a Disney Princess movie, and I believe it’s because I don’t remember watching them. I probably had, but I really cannot remember the impact it had on me – if any. This movie was short and sweet (oh hell yeah very sweet), funny, cute, everything you can think of! I’ve regained faith in love *aww* and goodness the animation was AWESOME I loved every bit of it, all the way to the end credits!!! 10 POINTS OUT OF 10 POINTS EVERYONE MUST GO WATCH Especially if you’ve 1) lost faith in (“v”) 2) need a laugh 3) need to hate someone 4) need to love someone [you will fall in love with the characters I swearrr] I realised a lot of things from watching it too like the importance of differentiating between need/want. I thought the ending was super smart I thought they would really remain frogs their whole lives >; I couldn’t believe they were actually happy about remaining frogs. What about her restaurant!!! Her mom!!! But anyway yeah I thought the resolution was EXTREMELY SMART or maybe I’m stupid but I firmly believe in the former. Teehee. Omg PatF was beyond amazing. I want to own the other Disney Princess movies on DVD and watch them all!!!


by the very awesome lovingthecubs @ crowdofstars on lj

credit: fuckyeahprincessandthefrog.tumblr

Onooo I need the very magical glittery scenes’ screencaps I can’t find them anywhere >;

Ok, I haven’t raved about a movie in ages. I can’t believe I used to dislike non-human movies lol what an ignorant fool I was. K next up: AVATAR (MUST PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS WHO’S FREE TOMORROW???), Sherlock Holmes…

K! Apart from watching a damn awesome movie, I had damn awesome Japanese food too! Salad thingy which was damn spicy DAMN SHIOK, and onomoyaki. Real one not the pasar malam kind. (Y)(Y)(Y) Jingz PJ and I also koped a lot of Nutz hohoho we’re so nutty~

Tomorrow’s gonna be a fun fun day today’s detox quite successful hehehe very clean food except for Onomoyaki but you know what KISS MY ASS because it’s mthrfking awesome lololol

Today I spent I think $200 >: And I intend to get my perfume/EYELINERS (ROAR ROAR ROAR)/socks v v v soon. Oh yah today I went out without make-up, no eyeliner no nothing I FELT SUPER CLEAN. PART OF DETOX. LOLOLOL AWESOME 8)v

OH I HAVE TO ADD!!! While queueing up for PatF tickets I noticed how cute the vampire in New Moon was!!! He’s part of the Atas Vampires he sat on the left? (or right? I think right!) of the Most Atas vampire (sorry Twihards – the books just couldn’t sustain my interest – also cbf to go find out what the Hoity Toity names are). HE’S SO CUTE/HOT HAHAHA after IMDBing I’ve found out he’s Caius in the book/show. IRL he’s Jamie Campbell Bower. HE’S BRIT PEOPLE!!!!!! *v* Ok he’s gonna star in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt I and II.



OK And who can forget the smexy wolves


Alex Meraz and Kiowa Gordon. KIOWA?! WHAT KIND OF SMEXY NAME IS THAT Born to be sexy4lyfe  lawlawlawl

K I just found out about Taylor Lautner’s upcoming movie


Omg I can’t stand it wow my 2009 is complete. Movie of the Year: Princess and the Frog. Cast of the Year: New Moon. Whoever disagrees… will turn into a FROG

  1. PJ said:

    I WNA WATCH THAT!!!!!!! (The campbell wtv is actually nt bad, I think he just looks.. niang in new moon. And don’t u think vampire is atas kinda hot the the wolves are the CAB kinda hot HAHAHAHAHAHA WTV NO MATTER WHT BOTH HOT

    • OMG IKR?!?! HAHAHA HE’S SO SEXY 8D YAH TOTALLY Vampire is the I’m too cool for you ~*enigma*~ ~*mystery*~ whee while werewolves are I’m so hot coz I’m buff and fun and OMG HAHAHAHA

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