Lisztomania + 2009.

I’m not easily offended
it’s not hard to let it go from a mess to the masses

I’ve been compiling my 二〇〇九 ■ 最爱 playlist which so far only Tim has seen (iTunes Purging Session!) And Lisztomania’s innit hehe well deserved hype I say, it’s so catchy!!! And this video is only too cute.

A few other songs (out of 243)…

Anya Marina – Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover) ★★★★★

Camera Obscura – French Navy ★★★★★

I was waiting to be struck by lightning
waiting for somebody exciting

Jay Z – Empire State of Mind ft. Alicia Keys ★★★★★

now you’re in New York
these streets will make you feel brand new
the lights will inspire you

John Mayer – Friends, Lovers or Nothing ★★★★☆

anything other than yes is no,
anything other than stay is go,
anything less than ‘I love you’ is lying

Kanye West – Streetlights ★★★★☆
Underrated song off 808’s and heartbreaks!!!

I know my, destination
but I’m just not there
all the streetlights glowing
happened to be just like moments

The Kooks – Always Where I Need To Be ★★★★☆
Their previous album was 10x better IMO, which is why I only gave 4 stars.

because I am always where I need to be
and I always thought I would end up
with you, eventually
do dodo do do do do do…

Little Boots – New In Town ★★★★☆

does it live up to your every dream
or do we disappoint
well you made the choice
when you wake up can you hear the scream

Metric – Waves ★★★★★
I wonder and wonder and wonder why this didn’t make it onto Fantasies

it’s all, not one
I love everything
no sleep
I lose everything
oh, don’t tell me again
I won’t see you again

Miike Snow – Silvia ★★★★★

and it’s my fault for not getting off
so you made it start can you make it stop
you don’t know sylvia
you don’t know sylvia

Paloma Faith – New York ★★★★★

and it was New York, New York
and she took his heart away oh my
and it was New York, New York
she had poisoned his sweet mind

Passion Pit – Moth’s Wings ★★★★★

whose side are you on?
what side is this anyway?
put down your sword and crown
come lay with me on the ground

Plastiscines – Bitch ★★★★☆

I’m a bitch
when I paint my lips
I’m a bi-itch
but people look at me

Simian Mobile Disco – Audacity of Huge ★★★★☆
The video is quite ridiculous I don’t get it…

you know I got that Peter Tosh
I got it all
yes it’s true
so why don’t I get you

The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition ★★★★★

and we won’t stop til it’s over
won’t stop to surrender

Wale – 90210 ★★★★☆

addicted to stardom, a wish to blow
so she kisses the stars, then give em’ a blow
after every show, a dream she hold
inhibitions is gone, she just wanna be known

Wild Beasts – Hooting and Howling ★★★★

a crude art, a bovver boot ballet – equally elegant and ugly
I was as thrilled as I was appalled, courting him in fisticuffing waltz

XX – Heart Skipped A Beat ★★★★★
I love this song’s lyrics I can’t extract just parts of it coz it’s incomplete! !! !!!

please don’t say we’re done
when I’m not finished
I could give you so much more
make you feel, like never before
welcome, they said welcome to the floor

it’s been a while
and you’ve found someone better
but I’ve been waiting too long to give this up
the more I see, I understand
but sometimes, I still need you
sometimes, I still need you

I was struggling to get in
left waiting outside your door
I was sure
you’d give me more

no need to come to me
when I can make it all the way to you
you made it clear
you weren’t near
near enough to me

heart skipped a beat
and when I caught it you were out of reach
but I’m sure, I’m sure
you’ve heard it before

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Skeletons ★★★★★

love my name
love left dry
frost or flame
skeleton me

★★★★★ – All-Time Favorite/haven’t gotten sick despite looping countless times/not seeing the end of being on my looping playlist anytime soon

★★★★☆ – Very super <3 songs enjoyed occasionally/memorable

ARTISTES OF THE YEAR (judging from my playlist, artistes with the most songs on it):
Metric (MOSTEST)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs (FIFTH MOSTEST)

Wee weet.


Received tickets to Florence + The Machine!!! XX IS OPENING FOR THEM YIP YIP YOORAY.

Muay Thai with Eva and Jessica
It was eye-opening, enriching and fat-busting!!! I LOVE IT :-)

Jaaziel’s Birthday BBQ
At Natz’s house haha Detox Epic Fail there but whatever SAW SAHCHAY WHOM I HAVEN’T SEEN IN AGES.

I’m so pumped for 2010, 2009 ended with a resounding BANG. Or Boomz. Ha. Ha. Haaa. Haaaaa. Omg I dreamt of Ris Low =.= Anyway, it ended with myself discovering my Fav Movie of the Year, Fav Songs of the Year…

This year in Recap:

National Champions (Wow. Wow. Wooow.)
Graduated from Nanyang
Almost fell xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
No guts zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Got my anti-tragus which I love damn much but it’s still swollen knnbccb OMG I just badly influenced Yushan I heard her say KNN out loud ;_;
Started using Twitter which saw the decline of blog posts
Went to Thailand
Got a mthrfkg MB. Battery life suxxors btw. Gone in 3 hours. Why am I so unlucky?!?
Picked up Muay Thai

Omg I’m so lame I should call it past two months in Recap. Hahahaha suxbolls

2009 for me was pretty horrendous. I kept complaining about how this year really sucked for me, whenever Jessica/Peijia/Steph talked about how awesome it was for them. But I guess it’s all right now. Not that bad. Could be better. But why waste time talking about what could have beens… 2010 is almost here, let’s talking about WHAT WILL BES. HELL YEAH.

1 Keep my room tidy
2 Be more understanding/tolerant
3 Not be so PMSy
4 $ave Money$$$
5 Don’t wa$te money$$$
6 Sleep well
7 Keep real
8 Don’t get lose yourself amidst everything that’s going to happen… Whatever it is
9 Do relatively well for Promos
10 Be more fit
11 Bake and cook more
12 Bring lunch to school
13 Clear to-read list
14 Pick up Yoga/Pilates/Dance
15 Have dinner at home often
16 Be a nicer friend/classmate
17 Bring camera out more often
18 Be more feminine
19 Stop swearing
20 Be a good influence

21 HAVE FUN!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

  1. Sarah said:

    ohmygoht i have my own tag ^^

  2. Jananii said:

    shit tings i read your resolutions and i want the exact same things!! hahahahaha

    • HEHEHE THIS IS WHY WE’RE HOT (HOT) Ya IKR!!! Actl I first noticed streetlights after listening to your playlist on 8traxx teehee 8) then i started playing it moarr n moaaaaaaar n mooooar
      HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO BB <3 H8 tt we always say go out but ____________????? Daym! Nevrmind this yr will be bttr. HHA

  3. rachel said:

    tingshan~~~ omg like the music. i like XX’s heart skipped a beat/ yyy’s skeletons, they are on my playlist :D i haven’t heard from you since like dunno sia. wordpress have password cannot see your innermost thoughts :( hahahahahah kidding

    • IKR!!! DAMN AWESOME ALL :D Still got a lot more lah omg. Ikr I haven’t either… can you believe we didn’t go out once during this damn long break. Ok ok once but that’s it!!! Like WHOOTTTTTT >: Eh most can guess one… I think. LOL you can try asking too sometimes ^^ Most aren’t thattt bad just don’t want people I’m talking about to read. Not that they read my blog but like BETTR BE SAFE THAN SORRY YAH??? :)

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