OK Tingys you can do this think positive think positive think positive


(I was feeling like shit. Shit shit shit shit shit to the ultimate shitcore. Have you heard of shitcore?)


1 YY your card is done hee hee I like it vv much it’s the first card I made this year/last year too!!! ^^

2 Xie xie Jessica Sahchay Timk for listening to my nonsense.

3 Im awake at this ungodly hour coz I kept tossing and turning but just as I thought it’s gonna be a boring morning it was not that boring lor

4 STEPH! GOT! FACEBOOK! GO ADD HER NAOWNAOWNAOW ^^ Hahaha seeing her in 3 hours. Wooow. Why can’t I sleep >: My mind is too cluttered. Maybe I’m too afraid of Bad dreams. Eughhh




maybe I’ll watch Gem Of Life. Keke


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