I damn tired lah and bored and everything training just now last-minuteish at NUS 7-9+++ I’M FEELING USELESS k thanks bye omg I’m so lazy to blog OH I watched Sherlock Holmes today with Jingzhi hehe NICE I LIKE I GIVE IT FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS. Rachel McAdams SO.GORGZ.OK? So is Jude Law hehe and Robert Downey Jr.’s just funny. Mmm hm. After the movie met PJ for a bit then I went for training. BTW MY NEW FAVORITE SNACK/DESSERT: ISOJOY INULIN!!!

Supposed to go for Muay Thai tomorrow morning but… the slothbug is back. in. action. THIS TIME IT’S BIGGER, AND STRONGER. WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO. So I’m just meeting J PJ hehe to do our Nailz & I’m gonna collect my Specs too! Meeting Sahchay to pass her Richa’s cardigan and WOWOW MARGAUX’S RETURNING LIKE IN 2 HOURS’ TIME. AND RICHA’S FLYING!!!

If you’re reading this Richa, I HOPE YOU HAD FUN IN SINGAPORE [I know you can’t wait to go back to Canada haha] AND ALL THE BEST IN COLLEGE. Stay happy :-) :-*

If you’re reading this Margaux, WELCOME BACK I’VE MISSED YOU SOSOSOSOSOSO FMUCH I can’t go over on Sunday. Training’s on Tues instead of Mon so SEE YOU ON TUES!!! :-*



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