14 hours

In approximately 14 hours (with all the delay, etc) we will be receiving our results. Indeed having courage doesn’t mean that we are unafraid it just means that we are able to suppress that fear and not let it overcome us. Hell yeah. Imma courageous girl. I’m so looking forward to tomorrow! I hope it’ll be good.

There is a feeling of emptiness/insufficiency inside me because somehow I feel like I’m not part of the rest of ’93/’92ers in Singapore. No I’m not gloating I’m more than thankful I didn’t have to go through O levels, it’s just that… I can’t proudly say I survived the O levels! I have one thing less in common with people in my batch! I know many would kill to be in my position, and actually I think I wouldn’t give it up for anything… or maybe? Ok whatever I think I need to shut up!



Today was Awesome because:

1 I met Brander Na :-) We frolicked about Holland Village, settled at The Daily Scoop (newly opened in Chip Bee gardens! Almost ate at Original Sin but ‘Can we go elsewhere… I don’t think I can do vegetarian’ HAHA Duuude!!! It’s all in your mind Banana) I had Avocado and she had Green Tea Red Bean. Then I had some Peachy thing and she got a latte. I have pictures BUT, the camera’s now with papa on the plane to Germany :/ After v yum ice cream we went to Pantry Magic where I got a cookbook *beamz* Lunchbox ammo ok don’t preh preh!!! Then we went to Provence where I got sb lot of bread lol and sat at coffeeshop to talk more and munch. It was an enjoyable catch-uppy day. :-) Don’t worry it’ll all be good tomorrow!

2 I’VE GOTTEN MY BBBOLD9700 KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKE I think they’ll activate my data plan tomorrow. So FB & TWITTER ON THE GO! Ok time to quote papa ‘slave to technology’. True ah but… whatever hehe

3 My pop went to replace the strap of his pretty old watch. I REALLY REALLY LIKE IT

Nice ah??? OJA I haven’t mentioned! I am currently wearing my new Specs the brand is Enjoy which is funny and cute ttm OF COURSE ENJOY I PAID $150 FOR YOU MAH-FKR. (Peijia I’m tryna emulate a certain blogger I WONDER IF YOU NOTICED BEFORE READING THIS BRACKET). I had to make a new one because I lost the previous maroon one which I really <3ed >: This time I won’t lose it!!! ^^




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