Sun sand sea

Hello everyone~ Yesterday the last day of official holidays was spent at Sentosa with Jessica Jingzhi Peijia, suntanning… I’m nowhere near sun kissed, just… black. -___-

Had a pretty good lunch at Fig & Olive, the only downside was the !!!waiting time!!! because everyone was so famished we were going crazy.

Decided to watch New York, I Love You at The Cathay…

I was so tired I slept halfway into the movie. Too artsy… I think I’d find it more enjoyable if I were less tired. The all-star cast was impressive though. I really like Shu Qi I think she’s so damn gorgeous *v* SADLY I didn’t see her part coz I was well sleeping lah. The weirdest, WTF?!est short I think was the Shia Labeouf one. Russian bell-boy stops famous singer from committing suicide but commits suicide himself?! !!!

K I think I will re-watch it to appreciate it better… I like to think it’s actually very beautiful maybe when I’m feeling *in love* or something like that I’ll watch it again. The most enjoyable part of the NYILY experience yesterday was probably the GOURMET POPCORN HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Caramel Almond (Y)(Y)(Y)

After my little nap (ha) we went to Wood Would (L), then headed to Ya Kun. What started out as post-movie snacking ended up to be a feasting… Ok la I’m totally exaggerating but, it went like this:

I bought Kaya Butter Toast so we could nibble and spend like maybe an hour there. I took a piece and everyone else took the others.

JZ decides she wants Kaya Peanut Butter Toast which was rly gd…

PJ decides she wants one more…

Jessica decides to buy the French Toast.

So we all ended up eating one portion each. But we managed to try everything! Wasn’t that just epic 8)

JZ had to leave for dance, so J PJ and I left for J’s house at (ask the people present at Ya Kun… maybe they’d remember coz I accidentally read her address out LOUD). Lalalalalala looked at Virus Control (HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHA) and mm JZ arrived! Steph arrived! I slept! Yay sleepovers!!!

Ok my life is pretty much perfect now, I don’t have to worry much about $ (as in allowance, not savings… When skl starts my saving plan begins. RIGHTAWAY. My bank acct has <$100. *cries*) Rachel Khoo are you with me???), don’t have to worry about posting (JC), don’t have to worry about family, don’t have to worry about books, don’t have to worry about not having shoes, don’t have to worry about not having a planner, don’t have to worry about not having socks, don’t have to worry about not having spectacles, don’t have to worry about having a laopok phone, don’t have to worry about a messy room [ok will sort this out…l8r]

I really like this one!!! Clubmaster in White Marble/Gray Fade. Or the transparent Red/Pink Wayfarer I saw at my spectacle shop it was only $160? $130? I don’t remember… But aren’t Wayfarers supposed to cost $300<? It’s probably an old design/for kids (HAHA srsly coz it’s um smaller) but IT’S PRETTY. I β™₯ IT.

I wish wordpress would have a widget or something. Owell I’ll do it manually…

PS: My twitter is really active. I think la. More active than my blog aniwaez.
PPS: Should I include the replies in my Twitter widget over there? >>>> Or just the non-replies.
PPPS: I think I lost my frickin’ IC. FUCK!!!!!!
PPPPS: I wish I’d gone for Yeah Yeah Yeahs ;_;

Listening to Camera Obscura

  1. Sarah said:

    i have 10 < in mine ;_;

  2. Jingzhi said:

    how do i sub to you

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