On my own time


Yesterday was the first Trug training I went for since school started… FUN :-) There were SOOO many people!!! Potential teammates ^^ Everyone seemed to have enjoyed it (Y)

I need to train harder feel so unfit^999 and gross aiyoh okay CAN DO THIS ^^

After training I was supposed to go home with J (looking forward to it, too!) but went for dinner at Penang Kitchen instead with Mgx and other people that needed dinner company because of some… issues and Mgx needed girltalk<3 Sleptover at her place thank goodness there’s no school today, love you bb dw dw dw. (REFER TO ABOVE PICTURE)

OK like Amanda I’m not looking forward to school until 28th Jan that’s when orientation starts. Mmhm. Can’t wait to get my uniform though hope I can still fit into it ^^


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