was a good good day :-) Woke up late because school started late I reached around 11 8) Then hm English Diagnostic part 2 which was pretty challenging then Econs lecture the lecturer quite funny ah ahahaha followed by lunch (??) at Burger Shack, shamwoohoo~!

Thought there wasn’t gonna be training coz it started raining, but… we did ladder then when the clouds cleared we headed to the field. Training was frickin’ fun we got to dive!!! ^^ Lovvit hehehe training on the whole wasn’t tiring but fun yipyipz

After training Jessica Peijia and I went to Beauty World to get uniform Margaux went too to get her shoerack YAY now got uniform can’t wait to wear it.

TODAY WAS GOOD. Pretty good. Uhhuh hahahaha kkk bye

OH everyone has a formspring!!! So I got one too hope people ask me questions lawlz nah

formspring me HERE HERE HERE

  1. Chuning said:

    We top the group for our first round, and now waiting for draws for second round!
    And yknow what! Jurong is damn good!


      YAY!!! THAT’S SOOO GREAT TO HEAR :-) GOOD LUCK FOR NEXT ROUND! Keep me updated about match times and stuff, see if I can go watch. Omg really??? :( Much stronger than last year? … :| I wanna see leh hahahaha omg ok <3 u all 4 evur.

  2. Chuning said:

    Yup stronger than last year, they’ve got tall players, plus strength in their spiking!
    Yeah will sms you when we get the draws for the next round! :)

    • OH BOYYY sounds exciting hehe cant wait to go for your (important) match ^^

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