Fleece Parka (don’t play play it’s a PARKA okay) from Uniqlo
Anna Sui Secret Wish (again! :-D)
2 Sports Bras that look kinda glittery but well nobody cares EXCEPT MOI
2 pairs of socks for Sports

+ good time spent with mommy ^^

I just tried on my uniform and I realize the skirt’s like… high waist even higher than belly button so I think I should change it. Plus it looks damn short :'( Even when it sits on my belly button it’s still looks short so… die I scared. Monday I will go to school to see what the norm’s like. And then exchange. Or not. Aiyah I don’t know omg everything’s pretty perfect I just think it’s really kinda too short then again must see how everyone’s skirts are like it’s 7 fingers above my knees currently. Argh I attribute the tightness to my bellyphatz naow!!! And um PMS. When I start training consistently it’ll get looser. HAHAHAHA RIGHT?!?!?! How sia hahaha now just don’t zip??? Omg fml. !!!

  1. Crassifoliaaaaaaaaaaaaa said:

    bought ur uniform at beauty world?

    • yes where else! i dont think they are going to school :|

      • Crassifoliaaaaaaaaaaaaa said:

        stupid can that place. went to the wtv finest fashion center and it turns out that only girl’s uniform is on sale….

      • HAHAHAHAHA LOL I DIDN’T KNOW LEH. Err try high sch side? ask the high sch ppl where they buy!

  2. YING said:

    eh tings what size did you buy?? if you got 26 swap it if you haven’t worn it cause the zip area suxxxxxx :'( 27 is prolly the best.

    • i got 25, now i have 2 26s and a 25, all damn short la irritating gonna go lengthen the 26 methinks. yeh ikr the zip area’s !?!?, so i sent it for alteration to make it less !?!? :) hehe. 27 wont be so poofy righttttt owellz not all i can do is just go alter.

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