Today was kind of a very bad day… it was like a rollercoaster ride there were fun ad infinitum (lol) times, there were really low points when I just broke down.

In the middle of training it started raining it was pretty fun we hurriedly completed the drill before running for shelter… I haven’t been under the rain in ages. For the past few years, I was in a team that required me to take extremely good care of myself (i.e. Sleep by 10, never go under the rain, drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables)… but now. It’s fun :-) I’ve been getting abrasions, muddy and I think (hope) faster. Mmhm

Towards the end of training my mood got better but also shittier… I don’t know how to explain this. My emotions were just all over the place and it felt really… bad. I hated myself so much! Omg. Anyway training was quite tiring but damn shiok lol we did 5 sets of suicides in total… … … wtpiangs. Tiring. But good. (Y)

After training (and much deliberation) I decided to go home. Ended up at the playground nearby ranting and crying and… woah. For two and a half hours. But I feel so much better now, spankz friend!

I’m sorry OG35 for missing out Sodache ;-( I will not miss any more (if possible!!!)!!! I bought you all Hershey’s Kisses but, I left before I could pass it to somebody.

OG <35!

My face is missing inside :’|

Yingcong and I doing the crabwalk thingy, walao I missed >:

I can’t wait for next week. :)

  1. Rachel said:

    endorphins are the best cure!

  2. Sarah said:

    i lub choo x

  3. Soniaaa said:

    Heyhey how’s school!! My sis is in Hwach too! OG 27 tho. But anw, i love your “toasting” banner it’s so pretty!! :>

    • heyheyhey! so far it’s okay… it’ll get funner i think ^^ oh really whats her name! i’ll go say hi to her! hehe thanks ^^ i luvvit tooooooo

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