It’s the thirty-first of January! Time flies. 11/12 of a year left. That’s frickin fast coz it seems like only yesterday we celebrated the beginning of a new decade. Chinese New Year is coming soon. Oh my goodness. And yesterday my bloghits DOUBLED my used-to-be-highest-no.-of-hits-in-one-day?!? Like wtf! Scaryyy. I wonder why, but it sure feels nice :P

Anyway there are a couple of movies I really want to watch:

Brothers is rated R in the US I hope it’s not M18 or R21 here :'( I’d be very very very sad if it is cause it looks like a bleeding good movie!

All-star cast baby! Seems exciting ^^

Heath Ledger’s last movie… Apart from that it just looks like a visual treat. I mean animation, effects all. Well there’s also Jude Law and Johnny Depp hehehe

Alice in Wonderland!!! In 3D! But before watching this I’d wanna watch the 1951 version. Someone please get me the DVD ;'(

Toy Story 3(D)!!! I remember when Toy Story just came out and was a Hot Animated Movie by Pixar, we didn’t have EZ-link cards ie during the Era of Train Tickets you slot into the gates and collect after one second. They were promoting Toy Story and I was introduced to Toy Story then!!! Aunty Adeline brought me around quite a lot when I was young, so when buying the tickets she went ‘You want Woody or Buzz?’ but I was so clueless then, I didn’t know what they were hehe I think I picked Buzz coz he’s quite hot. Or something aiya

I’m interested in Up In The Air for a few reasons – it’s by Jason Reitman, it’s gotten rave reviews (90% on RT!!! That says something), GEORGE CLOONEY, …

Whip It looks super fun ;) I love Ellen Page! I’m looking forward to the underwater scene it looks too kewl ok?!?!

The upcoming week looks pretty promising! Week 2 of school :-) Can’t wait! Enjoy your sunday!


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