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Today was a slack day PE was super duper fun (Hi Sarah my Dance Partner ^^)!!! The jog gave us adrenaline rush so we became damn happy and high during Dancesport lolol learnt Jive (right?)… RIANE WAS ONE OF THE INSTRUCTORS TOO (this is for Underwear Gang to see)

Then mm it’s Chem lecture (psycho omg) and Chem lab which was Slack (Stella’s our teacher ^^) ahhhh what else. Went for M4M after school and returned to school after M4M. TRIED to do Bio but I couldn’t access wireless@HCI. Sux major. So damn annoying. Why can’t HCI be a wireless@SG hotspot? So much more convenient. Couldn’t do Bio so I copied Econs tutorial answers and did a bit of Chem. With Jessica and Peijia <3 Shortly after, Jason and Alexander joined us for chit-chat session DAMN AMUSING!

Past few days have been quite fun haha different. I see myself staying in school a lot this year. I like the new basketball courts! Don’t really mind. I get work done. I just want better wi-fi/wi-fi that works pls!!! I heard like for it to work your acct must have credit. To get credit you must read SMB everyday and reply. WHAT A JOKE. FOUL!!!

Oh oh, Jessica’s Birthday just passed. You’re seventeen babe. That’s so fast. I had a blast on your birthday ;) The company was good! I’m glad you had fun too <3

K tomorrow is going to be another long day. Can’t wait for training! :)


Hullo world I’m at hooloobooloo Malaysia now the weather’s killing me…

Why I kind of enjoy coming back to Malaysia:

1 I sleep more because I don’t use the computer oh wait waitaminute, tonight I think everyone’s gna gamble… And tomorrow too… ARGH SO MUCH FOR BEAUTY SLEEP >:
2 Laxing laxing away from technology… NOT
3 Angpows $___$
4 Festive feasting – yummy (sinful) cooking I hardly get in Singapore
5 THE BEST BAK KWA. EVUR. Im trying not to eat more than 1 piece/day. Uhhuh uhhuh uhhuh

K so like the above points are kinda contradictory so whatever.

Anyway I had a great yesterday! School was damn fun giving out presents, receiving flowers/balloons/chocz (XIE XIE NI MEN ni men shi zai tai Awesome liao) and all AND ARES MA NAME YAWL WE ARE FAC DANCE CHAMPIONS!!@#$@%$^$%^ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Our choreo’s just imba ttm. I don’t know about the neatness and all so I can’t wait for the POP video to be out. I wasn’t confident Ares’d win but after reading those tags on HCunite saying how it was clear and obvious Ares’d win… *v* But anyhoo, we’re still ONE HWACHONG!!!!!! (yah yah yah I’m so PC hurhur) After CNY Celebrations/POP I watched Valentine’s Day at CAUSEWAY POINT HAHAHA WOWOWOWOW oh this damn funny thing happened: I WAS ON THE SAME 961 AS YUSHAN TIONG LOL I was so O.O SHOCKED


Nowadays I feel extremely lazy to blog. I’m more active on Twitter (even though it’s grossly underutilized so claims my sis especially since I have ubertwitter). Follow!!! And like I tweet pictures too. So I guess it’s more interesting. Hahahahahahaha ok whatevs byebye HAPPY CNY HAVE A GREAT CNY DON’T GROW TOO PHAT HOPE YOU GET ALOT OF $$ AND


Orientation is over! The past few days were made up of endless fun with emotions all over the place. Thank you everyone who were there for me when I was at an all time low. I don’t need to mention names YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Striked off a few Essential Things To Do in JC like… get caught in the Rain while returning to school, HAHA. I love Ares Fac Dance I’m gonna try learn it properly :) My class is quite awesome too thanks to kewl company.

Yesterday was Game On! and our team got 3rd!!! Hahaha it was fun :-)

TONIGHT IS FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE!!! WOWOWOWOWOWOW yay! THE XX!!! OOOOOOOOOOMG OMGOMGOMGOMG U HAVE NO IDEA HOW BLEEDING STOKED I AM MAN LIKE OMG ZRZLYYY Sarah I wish you were going :'( :'( :'( Get well soon!!! To Amadea and Margaux I will take video for yall :)

I’m reading up on Astrology as advised by SarahMaxineChay hahahaha I find the below especially true…

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Today I felt really lowww and blah I hope tomorrow will be better. Mmhm. And I’m confused hahaha I don’t know what I feel about this whole thing it’s screwed up, I CANNOT BE SO AFFECTED BY IT MAN. LAYM.

I love OG35 :) Even though I’m not as close as all of you are, I really appreciate the enthusiasm and effort you all put in to make OG 35 enjoyable! See you around in school!

ANW, My class is quite okay :-) 10S7A!!! Aiyah, but don’t like also got to live with it. Best class in the World I think is 10A16 omg lucky Jessica Jingzhi Yuquan Lucas Zuoquan 412ers…! :-) Oh and I’m in Ares! Yay MARGAUX CLAIRVOYANCE PHAIL :P

Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better (PJ!!! <3<3<3)

This post so messy all over the place hahaha just like my head/heart