Today I felt really lowww and blah I hope tomorrow will be better. Mmhm. And I’m confused hahaha I don’t know what I feel about this whole thing it’s screwed up, I CANNOT BE SO AFFECTED BY IT MAN. LAYM.

I love OG35 :) Even though I’m not as close as all of you are, I really appreciate the enthusiasm and effort you all put in to make OG 35 enjoyable! See you around in school!

ANW, My class is quite okay :-) 10S7A!!! Aiyah, but don’t like also got to live with it. Best class in the World I think is 10A16 omg lucky Jessica Jingzhi Yuquan Lucas Zuoquan 412ers…! :-) Oh and I’m in Ares! Yay MARGAUX CLAIRVOYANCE PHAIL :P

Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better (PJ!!! <3<3<3)

This post so messy all over the place hahaha just like my head/heart

  1. Crassifoliaaaaaaaaaaaaa said:


  2. PJ said:


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