Hullo world I’m at hooloobooloo Malaysia now the weather’s killing me…

Why I kind of enjoy coming back to Malaysia:

1 I sleep more because I don’t use the computer oh wait waitaminute, tonight I think everyone’s gna gamble… And tomorrow too… ARGH SO MUCH FOR BEAUTY SLEEP >:
2 Laxing laxing away from technology… NOT
3 Angpows $___$
4 Festive feasting – yummy (sinful) cooking I hardly get in Singapore
5 THE BEST BAK KWA. EVUR. Im trying not to eat more than 1 piece/day. Uhhuh uhhuh uhhuh

K so like the above points are kinda contradictory so whatever.

Anyway I had a great yesterday! School was damn fun giving out presents, receiving flowers/balloons/chocz (XIE XIE NI MEN ni men shi zai tai Awesome liao) and all AND ARES MA NAME YAWL WE ARE FAC DANCE CHAMPIONS!!@#$@%$^$%^ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW Our choreo’s just imba ttm. I don’t know about the neatness and all so I can’t wait for the POP video to be out. I wasn’t confident Ares’d win but after reading those tags on HCunite saying how it was clear and obvious Ares’d win… *v* But anyhoo, we’re still ONE HWACHONG!!!!!! (yah yah yah I’m so PC hurhur) After CNY Celebrations/POP I watched Valentine’s Day at CAUSEWAY POINT HAHAHA WOWOWOWOW oh this damn funny thing happened: I WAS ON THE SAME 961 AS YUSHAN TIONG LOL I was so O.O SHOCKED


Nowadays I feel extremely lazy to blog. I’m more active on Twitter (even though it’s grossly underutilized so claims my sis especially since I have ubertwitter). Follow!!! And like I tweet pictures too. So I guess it’s more interesting. Hahahahahahaha ok whatevs byebye HAPPY CNY HAVE A GREAT CNY DON’T GROW TOO PHAT HOPE YOU GET ALOT OF $$ AND



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