Goals this holiday

Because I’ve posted this everywhere (fb, twitter, tumblr, …), I can’t not put it up here, so:

There are a few things I need to accomplish by the end of this week…

1 Sleep well (GET RID OF THESE FRKN EYEBAGS/EYERINGS) – by 11? Oh how ironic coz I woke up at 4 and couldn’t sleep which explains why I’m writing this at 6am
2 Eat well – I’m detoxing tomorrow!!! Lots of toxins in my phat ass coz I’ve been feeling so sh!tty the past few days. I’m feeling better now though :-) Things can only get better! I love the people around me I’m so thankful for all of you guys PLZ KNOW THAT YOU ARE SO APPRECIATED I’m sorry if I don’t express it the way I should ‘Just because someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they have’ likewise I am really thankful for you just spending time/brain cells with/on me. You all know who you are right!!!
3 Be a more thoughtful friend/person
4 ~`*Hang Out*`~ at Shaw… just like the good ol’ times
5 Up my fitness – have to stop being so lazy
6 Bake for people I <3heart<3 – Cookie jarz!!! (Thanks @amadahh for the brill idea :*)
7 Spend more time with the family
8 Catch up with people I haven’t met/seen/talked to in forever (Brander, Jananii)
9 Complete my work/catch up/not lag

I need someone to push me motivate me tell me to keep these goals in mind and achieve them! I know I CAN do it but will I? LAZY SLOTH R I. AREN’T WE ALL sigh sianjipua ok at times like these (can’t sleep) I wish I’d gotten a macbook pro BACKLIT KEYBOARD PLZ I don’t know what the pong I’m typing omg I miss using the f-word ok no no no. I kind of like this being awake when nobody else is. But just now when I was food-porning I wished ~`*Princess Sparkle*`~ or Jananii or Mag or Natasha were online so I could gush about all these pretty things I wanna make siaaa ok like everyone else I’m shuffling iTunes hoping it’d magically play me songs I want to hear but… ok the past few have been pretty good (Owl Eyes, My Lovely, Lollipop, A wish, Happy Hippo, …) they took me back to the past but now it’s a weird song I mean it just doesn’t go with my current mood haha guess what I intended to end this post after ‘sianjipua’ but look what I’ve done… K to all you who miss toasting then well good for you hehe oh yes I think my eyes will become even more cocked (LOOK. AT. MY. PASSPORT. PHOTO. OMAIGAD) due to excessive usage of the computer at near proximity lalala on the bed etc etc hm I wonder who cultivated this bad habit in me OMG MARIA THE KOREAN SONG FROM 200 POUNDS OF BEAUTY IS PLAYING NOW HAHA KEWT mm my thoughts are all over the place oh what was I saying… Oh I like being awake when noone else is yes just like how I love being at home when everyone else is in school it makes me feel safe somehow like I have all the time in the world while the world stops. And stares hahaha NOT. I hate that song. Ok no I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either I find it extra annoying. But I may just sing along when you start singing it. Jessica loves this AM I RIGHT yeah I’m right ha ha ha Jessica. I HATE THAT SONG. IT’S SO IRRITATING. IT MAY BE MEANINGFUL AND SHIT BUT. I HATE IT SO FUCKING MUCH I FEEL LIKE TEARING MY GUTS OUT WHENEVER I HEAR IT. No but sometimes you still sing along to annoying songs right. I guess I don’t hate it so much but gawwwd am I intolerant. If there are a few songs I would give up my friends for it’d be that. HA OK WHO AM I KIDDING MY FRIENDS ARE SO FRICKIN’ ~`*PRESHUZ*`~ I WOULD NEVER GIVE UP/AWAY YOU GUYS FOR ANYTHING IN THE WORLDDD WO AI NI MEN HAO DUO HAO DUO HAO DUO!!! lublublublublublublublublub to infinity, you know???

Wow nice anyone ever tried blogging as an alternative to counting sheep? THIS SHIT WORKS I’M TELLIN’ YA. But boohoo indeed (KiD CuDi’s Solo Dolo’s playing), I have to be up in about an hour’s time. SIANJIPUA


ok hai wurld i will not be able to rest properly without also putting these up on my to-do list:

10 Organize this shithole known to most as the Bedroom
11 Remove pictures on the wall (Take my picture off the wall… Jet I love this song of yours LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE I’m crying!!! >:( Ok no not really hee JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST ^^) because they are all falling out and things are getting UGLY


  1. timkek said:

    siao u damn high ah in this post


  2. Pj said:



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