Seventeen/ heavy heart

Awesome. It’s 352am now… 20th/21st March 2010 are two days I will never, ever forget. The day I turned Seventeen!

On facebook: Tingshan’s Surprise @ 15minutes (Thank you Delon!!! ^^) / THE SHAMPOO AND SHOWER GEL WERE FROM MARGAUX *AND* YICHENG

Margaux Timothy Xianrong Jessica Sarah Peijia Jingzhi Amadea Yicheng Melvin Qingshan Samuel Kelly Anzhen Natasha Daren Alyn Jeremy Delon Fared Ambra: My awesome birthday Surprise wouldn’t have been possible without any of you, thank you so much for spending your precious Saturday with me, I really feel so, so blessed ;) Dinner at 15 Minutes was really good! I love the food there! There was Banana Chocolate cake after dinner, which was phwoar~ Nice.

Thanks J PJ JZ Mel QS Samuel for sending me home and helping me with (carrying) everything <3 I LOVE YOU ALL TO THE END OF THE WORLD AND BACK AND TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!! :*

At midnight, Jabez the joke suddenly called and told me he’s downstairs (after a series of disappointing texts !@£). Tada, I saw Steph and Brander too, wooow, with a Matcha cake ^^ And a huge bag of stuff. A hairband and 9 yellow roses. 8 years of friendship. This time I teared… I was so touched cuz I totally didn’t expect to see Steph and Brander. So I invited them in and did a bit of catching up :-) Then Brander had to leave cuz her mom was waiting. Everyone left around 240am.

Thanks everyone, pictures up soon! I had a great celebration with awesome company and good food, what more can I ask for.

Oh and most importantly: Daddy Mommy and my two Sissies for making sure this went smoothly. And of course, paying for  a lot of things. And for just being the awesomest family in the world <3 :* I know I may not be guai nv er most of the time… But I’m so glad you all are always there for me. I’m always here for you!!!

21ST MARCH WILL BE A GREAT START TO A GREAT (seventeenth) YEAR :-) I WILL MAKE THIS A GREAT YEAR! Forget all the emotional baggage and everything put aside all things that are making me frown and look forward to a g_r_e_a_t_freaking_year. Mmhm because there are just too many things worth smiling for. Selective vision everyone xx

Stay jolly~

  1. Tammie said:

    where’s this place! did u book the whole place haha

    • haha 15minutes, a restaurant at la selle. nope, my friends booked 2 tables i think! lol it’s super empty cos it was closing, only the ground floor was occupied by a few others + live band

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