Address book

I’m clearing my address book on my BB now and I’m SUPER HAPPY because it’s finally (on its way to being) organised. I realise I don’t need like 3/4 of the contacts in my address book because I 1 havent seen them in >4 years, 2 don’t need to contact them. Numbers used to be the only reliable source of contact we have with people but now it’s Facebook. With Facebook you don’t need handphone numbers! Just write on their walls! Send them a message! Or twitter. Tweet them! Etc etc etc. I think people respond to wall posts better than texts. Cause you don’t know if that number’s working anymore. Now phone numbers are for those who matter/you will keep close for the rest of your lives. To those whose numbers are still in my address book, WO AI NI. You matter to me :-)

I wonder what the Facebook of the Future will be like…

  1. tingatron you always have pw-protected stuff i cant read :(
    when’s our d8 baby

    • :) tty when i see you ack WO XIANG NI LEH. mm NEXT SUNDAY? let’s go study xx

  2. yesss WO AI NI
    if we talk we wont be able to study so let’s just talk??? :) sunday as in 28th / in april?

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