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I was down with a bad cold yesterday (headache slight fever verybadthroat runny nose, >:), and today’s Expulsion of Phlegm day. Hopefully I’ll recover fully by tomorrow! :) Because it’s TOUCH FINALS!!! GO HWACHONG TOUCH~

I was craving Grilled Roast Chicken with Mushroom so badly this afternoon so my v. awsm mommy got it on the way back from a meeting, but somehow the Good People at Simply Bread didn’t Grill it (= no cheese! argh!) so it was just like… lettuce tomato roast chicken slices and marinated mushrooms between 2 slices of bread. It was a very sad sight >: Was determined not to eat it because it totally couldn’t satisfy my tastebuds but thought, aiyah cheese isn’t gonna do good to your stomach anyway. So! I ate it anyway.

I spent today watching Glee ep 14 and 15! Yay! No more backlog. I think I may have given up on Gossip Girl (Or not. I’ll watch it when I’m bored I guess). And hm watching MTV again. And playing Bad Apples and Tap Tap~

ok so what have I been up to these days? Mm entertaining myself with tumblr-surfing, skyping, msning, formspringing, Glee, tv (cartoon network today!!!), Touch, trying to do work/study in the weekends… Yep so thats mylyfe4u. Next week: COPELAND heckyeah


by Ingrid Michaelson is playing now mm mm mm ahaha I can’t think of a proper title lah sorry.

This morning was damn fun, read for a shortandsweet post about the epicness of it all ^^

Spent the past half hour reading through my 2007-2008 protected wordpress. Feeling :S now… Shouldn’t have gone there :-: !!! NEVERMIND STML please kick in, again! Oh but it was quite funny though HAHA and i could write pretty coherently! Unlike now, my thoughts are super incoherent, very disorganized.

I’m having a sore throat now :( GG la. SiannnnnNnnNnnNnNnnnnNnnNnnNnnnNNNnnnnNNn tomorrow there’s NAPFA 5 items. Would skip school if not for that. ERPS. Training after that, kind of looking forward. Finals on Wednesday! Wow!!! ^^ Someone give me confidence booster plzplz hehe. Though I may not be playing… Still…! And immunity boost. I think i need those power juices lol like the one at Vivo/Plaza Sing. +immunity. +slimming. those packets of boosts. i bet many people wont get what i’m talking about LOL. Ok byebye trying to do PI now :( I think Imma get havaianas later! YAAAY and cheebs i hate the stupid woman that said i looked sloppy >: blue sun dress with birks-looking sandals very sloppy meh. t(-_-) HAHAHA

I miss traininggg can’t wait for proper training soon <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

today was spent with janapokes with very unhealthy food and semi-productive studying (actually quite good compared to my past efforts… i think? whtevs im not sure hmm ANYWAY) haha but screw it, upcoming week so hardcore!!! bio lecture test, 2.4, chem AA, p.i., gpp, math retest (wtf), game, trainings, wahhhh i think theres a break this friday? i hope there is!!! this is a shitty post just to reflect my shitty upcoming week the only happy things are like trainings and class and blarblarblarblabrrrr hurhur bye oh my aunty minnie is away for 3 wks :'( today marks the start of independence… also, the whole family’s squeezing into mommy daddy’s rm hurhur funny so cute ah my family

Hello everyone… this place has been really boring and stale, I don’t find the need to blog because well twitter’s active, and it’s like I don’t know if/think people are actually interested in reading this shit, hahaha, and most because I don’t have the inspiration to blog… :| Sian

Anyway life’s been pretty good! School’s okay. People around me are Ace (Jananii you owe me one srzly man).

I recently got Ultimate Ears Metrofi 170 and I kind of regret, I realised my previous one (Sony EX85LP) is really very good (4.5 stars on cnet!!!) esp for its price so I was expecting Metrofi to match up (approx same price) but sadly I was disappointed, so I’m gonna find a way to sell it, then get Sony EX300LP in White


or something else as good… I didn’t think I’d be able to tell the difference but my my!

Anyway today is thirteenth of April,

1 Happy Birthday Linny

2 Caught Polo finals after school – HC vs RI. Sadly we lost 2-8, but still, GO HWA CHONG~! I can only imagine how :S it must feel…

Sigh I’m really super tired and bored. Weeks are passing by so quickly, and weekends are always gone before you even realise it’s there. It’s already week four.

Press on… but what exactly are we pressing on for? When is the big break… AHH NEED TO REGAIN MOTIVATION LOL

Yesterday was fun! Though the only work I got done was (what a joke >:) BRAINSTORMING for PI. HA! And it’s half-hearted. I told myself to get at least something done so I could leave without feeling so guilty… Oh well. Wasted my time watching GG (against apparently very good advice… *shame*), which was so boring. I feel very sad I hate Gossip Girl naow!!! I HATE DAMIEN! Anyway. I <3 Liat *$, my favvv *$ in Singapore (so far!)! Apart from the old Raffles Towers one. Which is no longer there. After studying XR and I wanted to go to toast for dinner BUT it was closed what a joke cos it was a public holiday. Went to Cedele (which is pronounced suh-deh-leh, not suh-dell) but the menu wasn’t inviting. The menu’s different from the one at Wheelock? So Soup Spoon it was.

JEM’S HOUSE AFTER DINNER!!! POKER!!! HAHAHA Played a bit of Band Hero I wish I could have played some more though, nevermind BAND HERO/POKER PARTY AGAIN SOON PLSPLS JEM Band Hero songs are awsm lol I’ve always played Guitar Hero which only has a few songs… that I recognise anyway. Majority are rock classics which I have never heard of, unlike Band Hero which has *gasp* YOU BELONG WITH ME!!! WAOW HOW FUN IS THAT HA Ha ha. K after a while I decided to play poker hehe won $5 in the end (actually $4.80 but Delon donated $0.20 for ease of counting heh THANKS). I had super beginner’s luck at the start, my max winnings that night was $15++. WOAHWOAHWOAH. I got rash and lost to Jeremy… >: Oh oh Kelly and I are mutual lucky stars ^^ Sarah somehow spent the whole evening playing Plants vs Zombies on her iTouch, WTF SRSLY HAHA IS IT THAT FUN!??! I love Sarah anyway HAHA

Today is going to be a great day too, I’m going for foot/back massage, then SHOPPING WITH THE MOM!!! ^.^ CAN’T WAIT! IT’S GONNA BE GOOD I HOPE. I need new ear pieces cos my sony ones died… I really liked them, but I wanna try new ones too so…

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1 Long weekend! Yippee! School has been pretty decent, class time has been much more enjoyable! I’m beginning to feel more motivated in my work, which is good. Evidence: I’m going to do work today before Poker Night/Rock Band at Jeremy’s! I’m going to dedicate my Sunday to work too. Getting back on track… It feels like Sec 3/4 EOYs again lol. Saturday is mommy time, which I haven’t had since the start of this year. School/everything else has been super hectic. Going to fix my right foot/right middle finger/shoulders. They are still working pretty okay but a recharge-massage would be good ^^ Followed by SHOPPING hell yeh baby.

2 The past few days/week have been easier to live through than I had expected.

3 There are too many movies I want to watch:

i) Date Night
ii) Clash of the Titans
iii) Diary of a Wimpy Kid
iv) When in Rome
v) Love in a Puff
vi) Greenburg
vii) Toy Story 3
viii) Cherry Bomb

Qing ‘You look so different today’ I ‘*starts feeling self-conscious* Huh how’ Qing ‘Hmm you look more… refined’ I ‘… Oo is that a good or bad thing?’ Qing ‘Good la!’

^_^ Happy happy I think the Biotox Refining Cream I’ve been applying on my forehead has been working. Somehow it spread to the rest of my face too. GO GET IT EVERYONE! Wah thanks to jiaolian for reccommending it to me lolol. AND OOH CONGRATS NANYANG BDIV FOR GETTING INTO FINALS You all shi zai tai imba le love you all <3 <3 <3 Sadly I can’t make it on Friday unless I skip school (which I am contemplating doing)… anyway, GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST. I have faith in you guys ^^ And Yiyuan. THAT SCAM WAS GOOD HAHAHA I fail… >:

Okay I’m going to watch GG now hehe see you all be good :*