1 Long weekend! Yippee! School has been pretty decent, class time has been much more enjoyable! I’m beginning to feel more motivated in my work, which is good. Evidence: I’m going to do work today before Poker Night/Rock Band at Jeremy’s! I’m going to dedicate my Sunday to work too. Getting back on track… It feels like Sec 3/4 EOYs again lol. Saturday is mommy time, which I haven’t had since the start of this year. School/everything else has been super hectic. Going to fix my right foot/right middle finger/shoulders. They are still working pretty okay but a recharge-massage would be good ^^ Followed by SHOPPING hell yeh baby.

2 The past few days/week have been easier to live through than I had expected.

3 There are too many movies I want to watch:

i) Date Night
ii) Clash of the Titans
iii) Diary of a Wimpy Kid
iv) When in Rome
v) Love in a Puff
vi) Greenburg
vii) Toy Story 3
viii) Cherry Bomb

Qing ‘You look so different today’ I ‘*starts feeling self-conscious* Huh how’ Qing ‘Hmm you look more… refined’ I ‘… Oo is that a good or bad thing?’ Qing ‘Good la!’

^_^ Happy happy I think the Biotox Refining Cream I’ve been applying on my forehead has been working. Somehow it spread to the rest of my face too. GO GET IT EVERYONE! Wah thanks to jiaolian for reccommending it to me lolol. AND OOH CONGRATS NANYANG BDIV FOR GETTING INTO FINALS You all shi zai tai imba le love you all <3 <3 <3 Sadly I can’t make it on Friday unless I skip school (which I am contemplating doing)… anyway, GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST. I have faith in you guys ^^ And Yiyuan. THAT SCAM WAS GOOD HAHAHA I fail… >:

Okay I’m going to watch GG now hehe see you all be good :*

  1. Pj said:


    • NAIS OMG OK IM ON!!! after that go trng ^^

  2. Chuning said:

    Haha Yiyuan’s april fool joke damn funny, I helped her replied you too, the one that said “we all like broke down”! Anyw you supporting C div? Thurs woodlands sports hall 3 o’clock i think!

    • HAHAHA YOU ALL DAMN ASSSSS..!!! Yesyes i’m going it’s at woodlands 8)))

  3. Chuning said:

    HAHAH! Actually Yy also sent it to Steph, but she didnt see it at first, until Yy sent Happy April Fool right, then Steph saw the Happy April Fool msg even before she saw the prank! Okay only you going for Junior’s match? What about the rest? :)

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