Yesterday was fun! Though the only work I got done was (what a joke >:) BRAINSTORMING for PI. HA! And it’s half-hearted. I told myself to get at least something done so I could leave without feeling so guilty… Oh well. Wasted my time watching GG (against apparently very good advice… *shame*), which was so boring. I feel very sad I hate Gossip Girl naow!!! I HATE DAMIEN! Anyway. I <3 Liat *$, my favvv *$ in Singapore (so far!)! Apart from the old Raffles Towers one. Which is no longer there. After studying XR and I wanted to go to toast for dinner BUT it was closed what a joke cos it was a public holiday. Went to Cedele (which is pronounced suh-deh-leh, not suh-dell) but the menu wasn’t inviting. The menu’s different from the one at Wheelock? So Soup Spoon it was.

JEM’S HOUSE AFTER DINNER!!! POKER!!! HAHAHA Played a bit of Band Hero I wish I could have played some more though, nevermind BAND HERO/POKER PARTY AGAIN SOON PLSPLS JEM Band Hero songs are awsm lol I’ve always played Guitar Hero which only has a few songs… that I recognise anyway. Majority are rock classics which I have never heard of, unlike Band Hero which has *gasp* YOU BELONG WITH ME!!! WAOW HOW FUN IS THAT HA Ha ha. K after a while I decided to play poker hehe won $5 in the end (actually $4.80 but Delon donated $0.20 for ease of counting heh THANKS). I had super beginner’s luck at the start, my max winnings that night was $15++. WOAHWOAHWOAH. I got rash and lost to Jeremy… >: Oh oh Kelly and I are mutual lucky stars ^^ Sarah somehow spent the whole evening playing Plants vs Zombies on her iTouch, WTF SRSLY HAHA IS IT THAT FUN!??! I love Sarah anyway HAHA

Today is going to be a great day too, I’m going for foot/back massage, then SHOPPING WITH THE MOM!!! ^.^ CAN’T WAIT! IT’S GONNA BE GOOD I HOPE. I need new ear pieces cos my sony ones died… I really liked them, but I wanna try new ones too so…


Beats Tour by dr. Dre

I found this damn sexy after seeing it in Book of Eli (._. show, btw). Never took notice but gawwwsh it’s super cool


Heartbeats by Lady Gaga in Rose Red (at this point I must say, 2PM’S HEARTBEAT POPPED INTO MY HEAD IMMA LISTEN TO IT NAOW HAHA)

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga in Bright Chrome

All of them are soOoOoooOoooOoOOOoooOOo $m3xy!!! *v*

OK But reali$tically…

Skullcandy Ink’d Paul Frank

I don’t mind either the pink or blue one!!! :-D I hope it’s good though… I’m afraid it’s all looks and no good. I really really really liked my Sony ones ;( I have my headphones but sometimes I don’t want to bring it around because it’s sooo bulky :| Anyone has any good recommendations? <$100?

Actually I really like Koss Portapro,

but I need in-ears nowww sigh.

Today Imma buy:


OK Life’s good~~~ HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND ALL!!! <3 :*

(I miss my homies ;'()

  1. timkek said:

    ehhh the place at cityhall that i always rave about has the portapros for like 69 or smth around there HAHA

  2. timkek said:

    oh then you can combine it with like a pair of in-ears (that sarah has) OH AND XR HAS AS WELL I THINK HAAHA for a total of 99 i think

    • HUH SRSLY??? EH BUT I DON’T NEED PORTAPROS >: YOU THINK THEY HAVE BEATS..? … EH u have subhas’ beats tour right is it burning irl!? ahhh i luvvittt

  3. sarah said:

    BOSE !!! But 150 tho

    • ya I know bose is good but if I’m gonna go above my budget might as well at heartbeats righttt

  4. Sarah said:

    but bose is better than heartbeats :'( 150 IS 90 LESS THAN 240 HAHAHAHA
    i like black chrome

    OH OH AND WESTSTONES ARE FUCKING AMAZING. 650$ FOR THREE DRIVERS + WIRE IS MADE OUT OF CAVIAR but omg omg omg. amazing sound quality hehehe

    • Lol wtf I don’t care for such technicalities la. Don’t need too good. Am no audiophile~ Just good enough can alr ehehe. And heartbeats so cute

      And lol caviar??? Won’t it decompose HAHA Idgi ok nvm shall go google tonight~ where did u hear abt weststones anw?!

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