Life’s good

Hello everyone… this place has been really boring and stale, I don’t find the need to blog because well twitter’s active, and it’s like I don’t know if/think people are actually interested in reading this shit, hahaha, and most because I don’t have the inspiration to blog… :| Sian

Anyway life’s been pretty good! School’s okay. People around me are Ace (Jananii you owe me one srzly man).

I recently got Ultimate Ears Metrofi 170 and I kind of regret, I realised my previous one (Sony EX85LP) is really very good (4.5 stars on cnet!!!) esp for its price so I was expecting Metrofi to match up (approx same price) but sadly I was disappointed, so I’m gonna find a way to sell it, then get Sony EX300LP in White


or something else as good… I didn’t think I’d be able to tell the difference but my my!

Anyway today is thirteenth of April,

1 Happy Birthday Linny

2 Caught Polo finals after school – HC vs RI. Sadly we lost 2-8, but still, GO HWA CHONG~! I can only imagine how :S it must feel…

Sigh I’m really super tired and bored. Weeks are passing by so quickly, and weekends are always gone before you even realise it’s there. It’s already week four.

Press on… but what exactly are we pressing on for? When is the big break… AHH NEED TO REGAIN MOTIVATION LOL


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