Soldier on

by Ingrid Michaelson is playing now mm mm mm ahaha I can’t think of a proper title lah sorry.

This morning was damn fun, read for a shortandsweet post about the epicness of it all ^^

Spent the past half hour reading through my 2007-2008 protected wordpress. Feeling :S now… Shouldn’t have gone there :-: !!! NEVERMIND STML please kick in, again! Oh but it was quite funny though HAHA and i could write pretty coherently! Unlike now, my thoughts are super incoherent, very disorganized.

I’m having a sore throat now :( GG la. SiannnnnNnnNnnNnNnnnnNnnNnnNnnnNNNnnnnNNn tomorrow there’s NAPFA 5 items. Would skip school if not for that. ERPS. Training after that, kind of looking forward. Finals on Wednesday! Wow!!! ^^ Someone give me confidence booster plzplz hehe. Though I may not be playing… Still…! And immunity boost. I think i need those power juices lol like the one at Vivo/Plaza Sing. +immunity. +slimming. those packets of boosts. i bet many people wont get what i’m talking about LOL. Ok byebye trying to do PI now :( I think Imma get havaianas later! YAAAY and cheebs i hate the stupid woman that said i looked sloppy >: blue sun dress with birks-looking sandals very sloppy meh. t(-_-) HAHAHA

I miss traininggg can’t wait for proper training soon <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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