Here’s a blog post!

I was down with a bad cold yesterday (headache slight fever verybadthroat runny nose, >:), and today’s Expulsion of Phlegm day. Hopefully I’ll recover fully by tomorrow! :) Because it’s TOUCH FINALS!!! GO HWACHONG TOUCH~

I was craving Grilled Roast Chicken with Mushroom so badly this afternoon so my v. awsm mommy got it on the way back from a meeting, but somehow the Good People at Simply Bread didn’t Grill it (= no cheese! argh!) so it was just like… lettuce tomato roast chicken slices and marinated mushrooms between 2 slices of bread. It was a very sad sight >: Was determined not to eat it because it totally couldn’t satisfy my tastebuds but thought, aiyah cheese isn’t gonna do good to your stomach anyway. So! I ate it anyway.

I spent today watching Glee ep 14 and 15! Yay! No more backlog. I think I may have given up on Gossip Girl (Or not. I’ll watch it when I’m bored I guess). And hm watching MTV again. And playing Bad Apples and Tap Tap~

ok so what have I been up to these days? Mm entertaining myself with tumblr-surfing, skyping, msning, formspringing, Glee, tv (cartoon network today!!!), Touch, trying to do work/study in the weekends… Yep so thats mylyfe4u. Next week: COPELAND heckyeah

  1. sarah said:

    i always love it when u post but your posts are so stale now stale STALE stale like your sandwich

    • thats why i dont post so often because id rather not be staaale >: SIGH LIFE’S STALE see lah we need each other in our lives LOL and you never reply my bbm CHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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