Something better

I’m currently researching on our out-of-asia-holiday (after what, 5 years?! FINALLY! For four years in NY, a proper, long holiday was never possible because of training commitments. Even if I didn’t have training, sisters had major exams… etc etc etc) to Europe this June. Destinations: Norway and Sweden.

Looking at photos and write-ups on Lonely Planet made me extremely look forward to the trip! I really really really can’t wait! We’re gonna visit the Fjords. And explore Oslo, Stockholm… Sigh… it’s also making me even more stoked for marriage and all that BAHAHA I’m such a joke. Hopeless romantic! I never thought I was one. I was wondering if it’s the right word to use. I even went to look for the definition on Urbandictionary – HAHAHA. But ok actually nah I don’t think so. What do you think friends!!! Maybe just hopeless about school. Actually I don’t hate life right now. I’m just looking forward to the future. Somehow I just think the future holds much more beautiful things. Like as if money is going to fall from the sky. And I’m going to be healthy enough to travel the world… I really want to stop doing these things we’re doing now (school, BAH!) and do ~*happy*~ stuff.

Yeah I know we have to enjoy what we’re going through now right… School life is supposedly very enjoyable, compared to what we have to do in the future. I hate it when people ask me what I want to be because I really just want to get married and be a Pioneer Woman (aka housewife LOL)Β and travel the world and live in a beautiful place.

I think I may be too naive… And lazy… How… Are we too pampered and spoiled (at least myself?) because I really just want to enjoy life in the future. I may be too optimistic for my own good… Sigh now I can only imagine myself being disappointed if I don’t get to lead my *ideal* life. But nah, I will. My other half, whoever he may be, better want this too! HAHA. Okay I won’t mind working but I don’t want it to be a tough road… I guess we just have to work hard for it huh? Nothing ever comes easy right… Yikes. K so what am I doing about it? NOTHING! HA! Not studying, not doing work… Oops!


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