Celebrated my Iron-ness by watching Ironman 2 just now, it was exciting and pretty good I love action-packed movies with damn cool tech stuff! Today was such a long day, so many things went wrong from morning til noon!!! PW, and so many (small) things got on my nerves… So many things to do. Like study for Chem/Bio. Print PI which I didn’t know I had to edit so I submitted a not so good PI but whatever lah. But things got better. Must be the thrill of being in the Library. And, I got to eat Avocado ice cream from Daily Scoop which I’ve craved for ages. And Black Sesame which I kind of regretted getting. Cause it’s not Black Sesame enough. Felt so nauseated after that :S Azabu Sabo ftw~~~ Also finally had Lido time (though it was only 5 min haixXx NEVERMIND JUNE IS COMING, BABES. RAWR)

Past few days quite fun, yesterday: TRAINING. wednesday: study, IPMAN2 with J QS XR, new school shoes (!!) ^^

This weekend will be spend trying to understand Chemistry… Test on Monday sigh good luck science people! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND :*

Oh and zz stupid Volcanic Ash no more europe trip ZZZZZZZZ TTM LA WALAO now it’s hokkaido sigh better than nothing hope we decide on the dates soon and stop frzking procrastinating~~~ <3


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