1 Got phone confiscated by Mr Lim (OMG gonna add him on FB now!) together with Sarah my Lover’s. Til death do us part… Hi baby

2 Got scolded by Tam BB 0.o -.-

3 Got back Bio Lecture Test 1. Our class topped the cohort!!! :D From the bottom. Hurhur. My marks stink… I can’t remember if I studied well enough… I wish I had blogged about my feelings then. Documentation is good. Helps with reflection. Especially for people with STML like me. I got 12. I think I roughly remember telling myself ok no pressure. Should be able to get double digit. But after discussion and shit, I told myself ok single digit not that um difficult to get. So I told myself ok double digit happy. But now. Below class average… BUCK UP TINGATRON ^^

4 Ate Kimchi Noodles. It gave me a Healthy Glow ^^ Cause of the heat HAHA I LOVE IT KTHX my cheeks red red lor

5 TAUHUAY!!! <3

6 Had training!!! Indoor at first. Learnt how to dump properly. And mm went to the field after the rain stopped. Played a game, then while the boys played, we (girls) tried diving. DAMN FUN Cause the field was super wet, slightly muddy. We got ourselves all dirty. FUNFUNFUN :) but I think I might have injured my right shoulder ;( Sian… see how tmr lah

7 Did Secret Stuff with J and PJ heheh DAMN FUN ok not damn fun but I enjoyed it ^^

I can’t wait for the next few days!!! It’s gonna be exciting! Especially Friday and Saturday!!! CSM! Bio lecture VB FINALS! Underwear gang gathering! Arts fest events! Yay!!! It’s not even mid-week and I’m STOKED FOR THE WEEKEND~ Yes yes even mugging for Math ha ha ha



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