Away we go

was a really good show! funny and meaningful. my first picturehouse experience. the tickets so cool they gave a holder haha must act cool and sophisticated and indie and artsyfartsy with it. the theatre smells damn good, and no not only because i’m comparing it to lido which i frequent, but they really spam NiceSmellingThings innit. even though i had to miss cargo… omg im checking tickets now every day that i checked = sold out ._. WILL NOT MISS IT NEXT YEAR!

training yesterday… damn hot… i think i’m dehydrated now. but it was pretty good… i think? exercise always good ^^ oh and we’re not playing SAS. the school isn’t sending a girls’ team… we’ll be down to support the guys though GO HC TOUCH~ β™₯

daddy returned from msia ytd with cat mountain king durians!!! apparently from the Home of Cat Mountain King durians like where they first grew it or some shit HAHA OWN ALL YOU CAT MOUNTAIN KING DURIAN EATERS WHO GOT YOURS FROM SINGAPORE HAWHAWHAW. mine’s REAL and AUTHENTIC. he also brought home super cool muah chee. it’s inside out. so it’s like japanese mochi with peanut filling, but it’s HUUUUGE. and frickin good! ytd i was a mega glutton but whatever hehe

so many goodies… maybe it’s to make up for the bad news… we may not be going to hokkaido after all :'( he’s busy with work, there may not be tickets, etc… but we get $500 as compensation each? HAHA? but really i’d muchmuchmuch rather go on a holiday… haven’t had a family trip in very long! :| sigh. nevermind. i guess this holiday will be dedicated to striving for my >CCCCC :-)

friday was volleyball a div finals. hwa chong got double champs, huat ah! damncool hehe during the guys’ game i had fun fangirling over qingqing. girls did so well. what’s made it even sweeter is that both teams lost to their opponent during quarters. well well well… nothing is impossible!

the upcoming week is going to be hectic:

tuition for 4 hours

GPP deadline
math test
tui na appt (THIS was what i forgot about, jessica! :( sigh i’ll try rescheduling it xx)/ do-re-mi

basketball finals
softball finals
(GO YOU ALL!!! <3)


dinner with vanessa + rachel at holland

SAS at turf city
team bag shopping at queensway <3

SAS semis and finals


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