It’s the holidays!!!

School yesterday was beyonddd horrific. It was a long day (Friday’s timetable :S) which saw us end at 4. I skipped Math Tut to go to Sogurt with PJ J JZ Zephyr, but before that PJ and I went back to Nanyang cause she had to pass something to her junior. Collected our O Level HCL certs. Nanyang’s gonna revamp the canteen to look like a frickin’ food court! WHUTTT. That’s damn coolio! So anyway as we were leaving NY, we boarded 171 to Coro and a few Sec Fours were on the bus… to town. Cause it’s the last day of school. They were going to town to CELEBRATE the end of term. While we were on the same bus but alighting only two stops later to ultimately… return to school. FOR LESSONS. OMG LAME. SAD ;_;

Thank goodness for Sogurt, and training, I FELT SO REJUVENATED. It was greaaat. Beyond great. I love my team. I’ve missed Karen. I’m motivated now. GO US!!! I can’t believe there’s only going to be two trainings in the whole of June. But nevermind I HOPE I MAKE GOOD USE OF THE TIME TO STUDY HARD do well for Blocks plspls I don’t want to disappoint… So please give me some strength.

OH a few days ago I ordered the Hello Kitty Instax!!! Plus Hello Kitty Film! Happy is Me!!! =^.^=

So yes the holidays ARE HERE. Proof:

Ok so I crushed the empty tealight container thing haha anyway I FELL ASLEEP TO DIVINE CALM WAFTING IN MY ROOM LAST NIGHT. I slept well. Woke up to air-con (because my dad wasn’t home yet HAHA he returned this morning). And the Ikea Star wall light.

Focus: MESSY BED WAHAHAHA Instead of lazy saturday/sunday morning, it’s lazy FRIDAY morning. WHICH MEANS THERE CAN BE TWO MORE OF SUCH DAYS. NO WAIT, A WHOLE MONTH!!! WOW!!! THIS IS SO AWESOME.

WAKING UP TO EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT and not restricted to Tuna/Egg Sandwich/Kimchi Ramen/Yong Tau Foo, spending time with whoever you want. JUNE IS MY FAV MONTH IN THE YEAR…

Im being disgustingly optimistic here, disgusting because we all know things aren’t usually this ideal. Blocks are blocking us from enjoying June like we’re supposed to zz

  1. crassifolia said:

    U probably dont notice it but UR ROOM IS INVERTED DUE TO ISIGHT


  2. Chuning said:

    OMG COOL you got kitty instax too ^^

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