Today I wore ALL BLACK to town because the dress code for Kelly’s birthday party’s all black. Ha it takes dress codes for me to actually dress up cause usually, I’m so lazy. It let me try something new… I wore my black skinnys! Which I haven’t in ages, and horror of horrors it fits like a bitch (wait, what fit? damn unfit now ugh frzk).

Almost caught Toy Story 3 but didn’t cause there was no time! So we went to Burger Bench and Bar for lunch. Naaais hehe I had grilled chicken with relish + caramelized onions and XR had um mushroom cheeseburger. As always. After that we had milkshake from Once Upon A Milkshake at Scape (the mini one is so qt lol rly damn mini but I think the portion’s just nice cause it’s soooooOoooooOOOoooooOOOooper thick!), and OOOH Red Mango!!! They opened an outlet at Scape! It’s a bit sweeter than Yoguru. But I think it’s cheaper? Mm I love Red Mango and Yoguru ^^ O and I can’t wait to try the green tea flavor at Sogurt. It shooooould be pretty good!!! (x fingers)

Met PJ at Skate Park to get my file while XR watched 5v5 at Scape. I had to walk in the killer heat in my killer heels, but no I’m still well and alive…

Then Kelly’s Party at Siloso Beach Resort~ I totally forgot about the ‘bring swimwear’ part in her invite, so… I went unprepared. So did Sarah Tim and XR lol. Sarah and I went to buy stuff from the convenience store and tadaaaaa played in water lalalalala the slides quite fun!!! OH and we bought water guns hehehehe so fun waterfight~~~ But ok not really cause the only people that got bothered by our shots were… ourselves -.- Sarah and Tim ‘so cool one’ and everyone else… was wet so it didn’t matter. Sian. Must bring the giant soaker or something next time.

Highlights of the party: mixing, catching up (ish?), talking rubbish, playplayplay, light painting (!!! yesyesyes!)

I had a Fun Saturday (therefore Funturday), did you? :-)))

Gonna go for Chem tuition now. The last week of holidays is reserved for me and my beautiful studysoul. SIANNNNN


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