Monthly Archives: July 2010

Looks like I’ve been neglecting this space! Been up to very interesting stuff, like failing block tests, training on very muddy turf, enjoying the rain, enjoying good company, fixing relationships, Universal Studios, hugging my Hersheys pillow, eating Tim Tam……

I don’t want to close this down. SO: an official HI-A-TUS. Nobody really cares anyway, right? Hahaha. I don’t know when I’ll be reviving this space. I’m active on Twitter so…if you care what I’m up to then…

Life’s good. I always think life’s good because the I don’t think of all the shit that’s in front of me. Escapism? Procrastination? LOL WHUTEVS. LIVE FOR THE MOMENT. CARPE DIEM HEE

ANYWAY: is this cute? I need a new pair of studs. A simple classy pair of silver studs. Silver ball stud = boring. Been looking for a little cube, but arghhh so sad I lost the one I got from 77th Street cause I can no longer find it anywhere.

It’s not cheap…which is why I’m contemplating and not like decided already. Hmm. Should I spend the $ on other things like… Uh. Film? Lol ~20 packs of film.


HELLO READERS!!! If there are even any! Probably only Jessica Jingzhi and Qingshan cause yall subscribed hahaha. Anywayyy…

TODAY, SCHOOL WAS REAL GOOD. It was short. Very fun! Bio lecture was ho-hum we were chasing a train the whole time… after Bio lect it was PW. Discussion with laptop = YOUTUBE SURFING = SB FUNNY HAHAHA I had so much fun let me share what we were checking out:

This was just FRICKIN’ HILARIOUS HAHAHA ‘gui lai liao gui lai liao!!!’!!! Kel (or Yingze?) told us to watch this my gosh it’s really so funny lol.

I showed them the Awareness Test everyone please do it it’s really super cool. Samuel the Ruser was srsly being damn… Ruser. ‘I very aware one!!!’ and after the secret ‘trick’ was exposed he still didn’t get it while even SARAH (who’s very slow, mind you) was already laughing/ feeling amazed.

This is kinda freaky in the too-much-cute-it’s-disgusting way.

And after PW we continued slacking around… until we realised our Econs tutor wasn’t here. EARLY RECESS!!! 1.5hr break. So we went to High School ^^ Haven’t been there in ages… After break, BBI, which was the best part of the day. I did some Chem corrections. Everyone around me were like o.o panicky. ‘Walao Tingshan why you so mug?!?!’ HAHAHA. I really enjoyed BBI I thought the Tryvertisement idea was innovative and interesting! Go you guys! Towards the end of it, a paperball fight ensued. Zz. Which resulted in me (KELVIN TOO HAHA RUSER) hitting an innocent 7C girl by accident :P :X SORRY!!!

Mm so after BBI was… break, then CT at LT3. The mighty Ares got relegated to LT3 :( Sian. The highlight of CT session was Mr Ken Yeow’s claim to make sure we make the new ‘SILENCE PLEASE’ indicator work. Something like that aiyah it was just FUNNEHHH~~~

After school I headed to Coro *$ heehee met NATASHA LEE!!! How coincidental omg hahaha. and Eehsien! so XR came over lol I tried doing my work. Did a bit of Math yay. Then din at Penang Kitchen, then PJ met us and we went for FLY at Nanyang. Then MJ joined~ It was… very different from their usual works. Didn’t really get most of it ahaha but good effort~ SAW MY JNRZ YAYAYAYAYY AND YIYUANNN hahaha xiang ni leh when are we going out to catch up and all that babe!!! :/

k so after FLY we went homeee now I’m gonna sleep I wonder what’s happening tomorrow anyway I HAD A REAAAL GREAAAAT DAY I LOVE MY CLASS! MY FRIENDS! 8874! K have a good night good weekend go ORANJE (underdogs ftw hee) FOR WORLD CHAMPIONZZZ