Looks like I’ve been neglecting this space! Been up to very interesting stuff, like failing block tests, training on very muddy turf, enjoying the rain, enjoying good company, fixing relationships, Universal Studios, hugging my Hersheys pillow, eating Tim Tam……

I don’t want to close this down. SO: an official HI-A-TUS. Nobody really cares anyway, right? Hahaha. I don’t know when I’ll be reviving this space. I’m active on Twitter so…if you care what I’m up to then…

Life’s good. I always think life’s good because the I don’t think of all the shit that’s in front of me. Escapism? Procrastination? LOL WHUTEVS. LIVE FOR THE MOMENT. CARPE DIEM HEE

ANYWAY: is this cute? I need a new pair of studs. A simple classy pair of silver studs. Silver ball stud = boring. Been looking for a little cube, but arghhh so sad I lost the one I got from 77th Street cause I can no longer find it anywhere.

It’s not cheap…which is why I’m contemplating and not like decided already. Hmm. Should I spend the $ on other things like… Uh. Film? Lol ~20 packs of film.

  1. Linshan said:


  2. crassifolia said:

    This thing looks like a silver blood cell o.o

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