LOL I used to never understand why people hated school so much like I’d think aiya just live with it THIS IS UR LIFE SUCK IT IN. Now I know. COZ I HAD NO LIFE UGH I think people hate school coz they find there’s so many other things that should be done so many other ways their lives should be lived. I might be going through a phase. I hate school coz I see so many other fun things I’d wanna do am I being naive lolol I used to be able to enjoy work and shit like that but nooo no more maybe cos there’s so many other things worth doing or there are other things that are ~*important* but no I’ll pick myself up I’LL PICK MYSELF UP like I always did (p5 mrs koh called my parents lulz, sec 2 my results were ~mehhh!, HERE WE GO AGAIN~) go @tingatron!


from cloud 9, we have begun our descent*(THXSAHCHAY:*) to reality. weather seems fine… descent will be rough, and there will be turbulance. reaching arrival gates four months. buckle up your seatbelts…

  1. timkek said:

    it’s descent, not decent

    • eee typo hehehe i typed it right the second time…thx ^^ <3 <3 <3

  2. jess said:

    HEY TINGZ!!!! Omg I feel the exact same way. I really detest school bcuz I wanna go and do other things. There’s so much more things I’d rather do than studying (as in not watching movies and slacking >> Okay actually yes). Like I wanna go take beautiful photos, travel the world, intern for a fashion magazine all that nonsense.

    RAWR BUT SCHOOL ALWAYS COMES FIRST :-( I have to wait so many more years to do what I want.

    • ikrrrr i think watching so much tv/movies has warped our perception of reality…i think in reality that isn’t possible >: it’s only possible if you already have money sorted out! and no disasters etcetc = world is a beautiful place, STILL, when we have the power to do that

      When we have the energy and all to do such things
      we shouldnt be…studying…right……then again this the key to the next stage of our lives lololololol such.

      only way to be happy…BE OPTIMISTIC


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