Counting blessings #1

Able to wake up at 530am!
Good luck texts ^^
Mommy for helping me relax and gain composure and praying for me and massaging my eyes coz my vision was blurry and zz :S
Banana for breakfast (and Yam Pau. and Cha Siew Bao)
Essay topics that I could do (i.e. not STUCK like usual. Thanks Mrs Ng for preparing us so well~!)
Mommy for picking me up, giving me pao sheng, bringing me for lunch, offering to accompany me study for the day
Very quiet parents’ office
Rejuvenating nap on the sofa

falalalalalalalalaaa~ hope elasticity concepts are tested for essay plzplzplz! I’m super own in that. I think. The only thing I’m confident in for this whole Promo bahaha :B

Okay if anyone even reads this: ALL THE BEST FOR YOUR PAPERS!!! Your hard work will pay off. Mmm :^)


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