am i weird for wanting to watch the Social Network? about mark zuckerberg no it’s not as lame as it seems. at first when i heard about it i was like WTF why make a movie about FACEBOOK?! but after seeing rave reviews and watching the trailer i found out it’s actually not bad so. yes. i wanna watch the social network.

thank you vuze for working im downloading my sassy girl and scott pilgrim vs the world now :) i dont know if scott pilgrim is like the camrip kind cos if it is it’ll be so zz to watch…anyway ~arrrrrrrr~ it’s to prepare for the stay-home movie date on friday with xr ^^ so exciting, post promos! it’s gonna be so fun and unstressful omg hope it rains mmm i can already imagine~ oh oh this morning i was wishing it’d rain during bio coz rain is always ALWAYS a good thing for me haha i dont know why i love it and i like to think it’s a good sign for me so. IT STARTED POURING LIKE 15MIN INTO THE PAPER awsmness!!!

I FEEL LIKE PROMOS ARE OVER HAHA im all ready to play lalala ok no 38 more min of mugging chem til sleep k

nite in advance wurld~

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