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are killing me


is the Christmas Song Of The Day!!! Because I just watched Glee and I really liked Rachel/Finn’s rendition. Do not like Rachel/Finn though…

Couldn’t find a proper video (GleeOnFox didn’t upload that scene ;_;) so yeaaa this is quite a lousy quality…but! I almost teared omg sillygoose

The original by Wham! !!! So retro hahaha enjoy~

Thur: trainingggg + lunch at tnh :) met Nat and went christmas (tree deco) shopping and i got a…

PICNIC BASKET!!! Time to go picnicking~~~ stayed over at her place after, thanks Nat for everything ^^

Friday Jingz came over in the evening (thanks for the company ^^), before that I was owning my sistars at Monopoly Deal hurhurhur. Cuzzies also came over and I ALSO OWNED THEM WAHAHA but this owning streak was, sadly, short-lived, as you will find out later :(

(((~*~*~*PDA ALERT*~*~*~)))

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I’m so happy today!

Training, team lunch, then haircut with Jingz (Zephyr joined later! ^^)…which led to a PERM! ON IMPULSE kinda! Was deliberating over what to do with my really really long hair. Initially I only wanted to trim my fringe haha and maybe like get a better shape for my hair but this is what I got…

(((~*~*~*CAMWHORE ALERT*~*~*~)))

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damn hxc training. then watched love actually, had gelare waffles + ice cream!!! SHIOK ^^ but now body aching all over…

5am – WAKEY~~~ bbmed XR, lied about being extremely tired and thus having to go back to sleep

5.30am – Out of the house, went to Budget terminal very excitedly

6.10am – SURPRISE~~~!!!

7.25am – Goodbye/enjoy yourself..

7.40am – 36 to Liatbucks with Sahchay~

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