Lazy friday

Econs tuition in the morning, then Jananii came over for a day of slothing around! Bought $8 worth of San Lor Hor Fun and pigged out while watching Social Network and Good Luck Chuck B-)


FUNNY haha and quite porno…grapefruit ew. But it’s sweet at the end, as all romantic comedies are. Our googling spree (polymastia) followed after this *v* JOSH BEECH hurhur attempted to stalk also youtubed his interviews and shit to hear his brit accent HAHA and the hilfiger ad interview’s retarded…

Tyler and Josh. YA FIRST NAME BASIS like they are my frenz

Josh Beech has the most damn coolest tattoo on his left arm and XR would agree!!! he was the one who told me about josh beech actly, when he saw on ASOS!

I’d want that if I become like a fashionista with the stick thin model uber chic look. FIERCE

Kay so after fangirling and stalking and daydreaming about our awesome-life-good-food-blogging career we’re gonna have in Sweden, we decided to…HAVE DURIAN PANCAKES! YAY yay yay hehehe it was a quick trip to now-under-renovation causeway point, and because it’s under renovation it was really boring we just went to the pasar malam for while before parting. Today was great hehe nice slow lazy perfect for lazybums like us thanks Jan ^^ Have fun in Cambo see u soon!!! Sian we should have photoboothed zz what is a girly lazy day in without photoboothing. Owell

*~[insert Janapok face here]~*

Tomoro: ♡♥XR time♥♡, ☺☻FAGs☻☺ time (still on anot Qing?!?!), yeeepeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

QTπ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^

lol cheapo $2 neoprint..!

  1. Pardon me for being so lag BUT LIKE CUTE AH THE NEOPRINT *ENVIOUS*

    • ^^v ofcourze la anything got me CUUUTE

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