damn hxc training. then watched love actually, had gelare waffles + ice cream!!! SHIOK ^^ but now body aching all over…

5am – WAKEY~~~ bbmed XR, lied about being extremely tired and thus having to go back to sleep

5.30am – Out of the house, went to Budget terminal very excitedly

6.10am – SURPRISE~~~!!!

7.25am – Goodbye/enjoy yourself..

7.40am – 36 to Liatbucks with Sahchay~

Attempt to do work/study…FAIL because we’re so very tired! Ended up researching about colleges and Blackberries. Then we went to Lido to get stationery ^^ ^^ ^^ we also wanted to get a pencil case each but we couldnt find nice, cheap ones that were bigass enough to contain our unecessary amount of stationery >: After going from Lido to Cine to Mandarin Gallery to Taka, we ended up buying stuff to MAKE OUR OWN PENCIL CASES!!! How nifty eh? ^^ So Sarah came over and we embarked on our Pretty Pencil Case mission.


sewn on heart buttons!! cuuute

sewn on heart buttons + me smiling!! cuuuter

sticky ribbons

the only problem with the pencil case now is the velcro. it’s not sticking!!! as in the velcro’s sticking to each other but they’re not sticking to the pencil case. quite a hassle… i think this calls for superglue.

sian my hair is so long and messy…i don’t know what to do with it! :(

i realise i havent camwhored in very long…so…i can’t just show face noone’s interested so i must talk. so.


see how i show 8 teeth when i smile? apparently that’s the optimum number of teeth to show!!! like it’s a perfect smile if you show 8-10 teeth.Β xiaxue say one.

guess how many teeth julia roberts shows…? (you’d know if you read xx’s post lah)

TWELVE SIA omg LOL AND LDB! Laugh damn big!!!

here’s a damn good excuse to camwhore: TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR MILLION DOLLAR SMILE!!! Count how many teeth you show, see if you can join me in being part of the Superior Race. B-)

sian econs tuition tomorrow i haven’t done my econs homework… 2 essays eh zzZzzZzzz

my sister’s back from hk welcome back and thanks for the stitch keychain~!!!

k ending the post with my fav song right now:

I wanna hold your haaaaaaaaaand

I wanna play the guess the blank game >: >: >: “i wanna hold your ______________”


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