Four more sleeps!

I’m so happy today!

Training, team lunch, then haircut with Jingz (Zephyr joined later! ^^)…which led to a PERM! ON IMPULSE kinda! Was deliberating over what to do with my really really long hair. Initially I only wanted to trim my fringe haha and maybe like get a better shape for my hair but this is what I got…

(((~*~*~*CAMWHORE ALERT*~*~*~)))

Happy also cos I had Gongcha and Chewy Junior =^.^=! AAAND XR’s free to skype today teeheehee~ So souper fun bzt ok not fun already stupid taeyeon -___- (Throws childish fit) ~~~ okie childish fit over hehe the skype session was reaaally good and fun thanks baby ^^

Time to sleep! !! !!!

  1. haha retard. theres snow on your blog!!! woooooooooo. imma washing my hair tmr ^^ hehe

    • yes!!! jinglebells~ and wah you dam wa$te $$ $ia! dont la..

  2. Crass said:

    Naise hair!

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