Thur: trainingggg + lunch at tnh :) met Nat and went christmas (tree deco) shopping and i got a…

PICNIC BASKET!!! Time to go picnicking~~~ stayed over at her place after, thanks Nat for everything ^^

Friday Jingz came over in the evening (thanks for the company ^^), before that I was owning my sistars at Monopoly Deal hurhurhur. Cuzzies also came over and I ALSO OWNED THEM WAHAHA but this owning streak was, sadly, short-lived, as you will find out later :(

(((~*~*~*PDA ALERT*~*~*~)))

TODAY WAS A CRAZY DAY LOL wait but not crazy yet: morning went to eat Uncle Pancake with Dad and my uncle. I felt sick after..poohoo. I think I’m sick..felt better after eating Hokkein Mee Yushan bought me at around 3 (thanks Sis!!), but stilllll felt weird :( ANYWAY!!! /START CRAZINESS I got a very very pleasant surprise ^^ I was waiting for XR to come on Skype at around 4, thinking he’s still in HK (LIAR) so like I was waiting waiting doing random shit online then suddenly HE BARGED INTO MY ROOM OMG HAHAHA i thought he’s reaching SG only at 9PM!!! SO S(WEET)(MART)CHEMING AH SOMEBODY??? ^^ anyway i was sooooo happy hehehe

kisses from hk :* :* :*

the point of this pic is kinda like to SHOW OFF MY NAILS :p



‘cos youre my wonderwoman’ HAHAHA ♡♡♡

baaambi tee ^^

hehe thanks xianrong ^^ ayah but true to the quote i saw on tumblr, ‘all i want for christmas arent your presents but your presence’ HAHAHA aiyo so cheesy woops ok but got warning already tolja got pda..

then we had mcd’s for dinner~ oh before that we played MONODEAL AND I GOT OWNED :'( zzz i kept getting action cards. not. fun. already. after two rounds it was decided that it’s boring (NOT BECAUSE IM A NOOB, NOPE!!!) and we watched grease ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ john travolta looks funny. hahaha. my first time watching though…okay that’s n00b.

watched til daddy and the rest came home from dinner at Greenwood, and then he left at 10+ ^^ the superb day ended with us sitting by the pavement outside SAS like…homeless (..?) people. lorry driver stared when he drove past woops hehehe okay after a few taxis passed he went home~

la la la happy saturday~~~ :* sadly there’s no picture of us both because someone’s camshy. duno real or what leiiitomorrow’s gonna be a day in! and monday’s itinerary: WILD HONEY + CHRISTMAS SHOPPING (RIGHT??) + HELLO STRANGER + NUS TRAINING!! ahh exciting week ahead it’s christmas week!!!


inspired by Sahchay’s fs question “which is your most favourite christmas song :)” Imma recommend a Christmas song~ today’s will be:

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by Anberlin!

    I always enjoy your posts!

    • I’LL ASK HIM LATER! I know it’s much cheaper there though!! Think cos it’s refurbished sets or something something I’m not too sure.. LET YOU KNOW LATER. and wow what an honour thanks weishi ^^


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