Seven Deadly Sins

It’s only been 5 days since Bio MCQ, but it feels like weeks have passed! So, I’ve been indulging in the seven deadly sins…

So last Thursday was Groom Ourselves Day with Kyung Tae. I went to Browhaus, feeling light as a feather, then got yummynomnom from Provence, then went for a pedi at HVSC, then town for make-up shopping and Ramen…and Bubble Tea…ok so it’s Groom and Fatten Ourselves Day. Ramen Ten is pretty good for its price, I had Spicy Tofu Ramen and I want to try Super Spicy Ramen the next time!!! I wanted to buy buy buy buy buy so many things but thank goodness I reined in my impulses hehe

Friday was awesomesauce, I felt so liberated, so carefree while spending time with Xianrong!!! This feeling ROX MA SOX hehe, went over to XR’s for lunch followed by a long-awaited date in town. It was simple and so carefree…got fruit liqueur at Vom Fass, spent a good few hours (-ish..?) at Prologue doing our own thing, then dinner at Old Town, played Rock Band and Fight Night at Playnation (where I won XR’s Mike Tyson using Mhd Ali =^.^=), ended the night with 50/50 which was a really good movie! I cried when he was going to be put under anesthesia boohoo but it was really sad there was this line that went “how will I know if i’m going to wake up what if i never wake up” (something like that) and that made me feel so much about life, death, the fragility of it all… *shudders*

And Saturday was spent nuaing at home

Sunday I met my 2 bitchaz J and PJ for an express manicure which was really super express, the manicurists spent like only 10min each on our hands…lol. Also discovered how much my brain had degenerated – 8.90 + 3 = … 10.90! 12.90! No it’s 11.90… Walked around town, did nothing, accompanied them while they ate Ramen, and also helped them eat their Ramen hehe ^^ then we parted ways.

Braved the rain to watch XR get Fight Night Championship at Qishan … which I got owned at the next day despite using Mhd Ali sobz ;_;

Met Kyungs and Anni, then took a Bus to Dempsey to meet the M4Mers for dinner at Red Dot, complete with a Tower of Monster Green *v* followed by Ben & Jerry’s. It was a nice gathering :)

Went over to XR’s for The Fight Night Challenge which I lost miserably pshhht. Mhd Ali’s really slow…and even when I used Mike Tyson I couldn’t win lol no more beginner’s luck POOHOO and being a sore loser, I stopped playing and handed the controller over to Xiancheng -awyeah-

Had gong cha yippee ! !! !!! Golden Ovaltine ~ and Timbre’s Duck Pizza and Arnold’s Fried Chicken which owns KFC’s like one million times because, “it’s kampung chicken”. Don’t mess with the village chicken!!! Timbre’s Duck Pizza was sooo good what the duck really…a pity it was delivery. It must be so much nicer if it’s hot and piping out from the oven at Timbre!!! DROOLZ

I’ve got to start curating a library of useful gifs I can put in my posts hehe so every post will be gif-packed with awesomotionness!

So since A’s have ended, I have

1 Done my brows
2 Learned how to put on eyeshadow
3 Got whatever I needed for prom
4 Signed up for BTT — 26th Jan!!! So far away… ;_; but nevermind I’ll study hard during CNY awyeah
5 Got tickets to Laneway yippeeeeee

And I need to get these done

1 Settle internship
2 Send in UCAS application
3 Get a job


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