been suffering from a serious case of wanderlust lately. i want to go happy places, to hong kong, taiwan, (south) korea, bangkok or hua hin or chiang mai in thailand, penang in m’sia, melbourne and brisbane in australia, anywhere in new zealand, bali in indonesia, california and new york in the US, france, italy, sweden, switzerland (feel like i’m name dropping lulz)…i could go on and on but i shall not. i will probably only have the means (financially and…logistically?) to travel within asia, and (or including? is it part of asia?? geography fail) australia

incoherent/pointless recount/note-to-self ahead…also need to get a paying job. fingers crossed, i’ll be interning for two weeks in january and after that i’m free! to travel, get a job that i will enjoy doing. that is very important! 

so i was supposed to go for training this morning. i can still go now i guess but i’m too lazy too heh heh my excuse is that i’m aaaching so badly from hot yoga yesterday (which was fun) but i liked it, i’m going again tomorrow.

spent time with amadea yesterday, catching up, talking about part-time jobs, school, having awesome yong tau foo in the cbd, walking from redhill to town, and walking and eating some more in town pigz4lyfe

feel so *~happz~* lately, so many things happening so much to do so packed everyday. sick of enjoying life? NOT REALLY!!! except soon $ is going to run out soon ahaha i feel like such a useless, leeching prick. 

there’s still so much i want to accomplish though, so many things i have to do within the next 10 days, before 2011 officially comes to a close. i have to be disciplined! i will work on my personal statement on christmas, i promise, or i will never allow myself to go to browhaus ever again. YOU BE MY WITNESS

meeting kyungz in a bit for lunch and all, then off to sarah’s for team outing! haven’t seen my teammies together in sooo long. gonna stay over at her huge castle too whee then the next day i will go for yoga and then catch a movie with yunhui and brittany and back to the Teng’s to see my loverboy ♡ 

here is Blue Jeans by Lana del Ray which is my current earworm. i love Video Games (i believe i have tumblred it before) which is all popz~ and on mtv hits and all, this is another song you have to have on your iTunes if you already have Video Games~


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