things i am looking forward to

lately i’ve been busy with work. there’s nothing much to say about cny…except that it was better than expected. spent quality time with my sisters and cousins talking and camwhoring and gambling and snacking. also met a few nieces and nephews – my my am i old! they’re all sooo kewtie hehe. so…back to work. i’ve been working on this new project they may or may not be embarking on, doing research and stuff, presentation to big boss tomorrow and i’m kind of nervous because i know my slides are damn cui despite being powerpoint master for pw…ha ha ha. hope i get this load off my back soon, i want to work on more models.

what i’ve learned so far:
1 lunch breaks can range from a 5 minute trip to the canteen to dabao food, to a 3 hour trip to novena when cursed (or blessed, whichever way you see it) with a downpour

2 working in the creative industry does not guarantee a lovely fun wacky exciting creative work environment, especially if the firm you work in is a rather big corporate company. the pantry’s pretty kewl though there’s xbox and wii and pool and a foosball table, plus lots of snacks and drinks :3

3 biometric systems are not flawless. i have been locked out for five minutes because the fingerprint analyzing machine thing refused to acknowledge both my index fingers’ prints T_T

the upcoming week is going to be long. thank goodness for little pockets of time i get to spend with people i have hardly seen. it’s the little things that count. 

so this week i will be seeing sarah and hoiyan to celebrate sarah’s birthday, and seeing jananii to catch up and stuff, and spending time with xianrong, before another long hectic week comes up. then it’s suntan + laneway weekend, which will be amazing, and another week of internship. after that i will be free. i have some things on my agenda:

get a full skin care set – i am already nineteen, i need to start taking proper care of my skin!!! no more being lazy
find out where the ants in my room are coming from. all the doors and windows are closed leh dammit where u be comin from little ma yis??!!
go to korea
take up manual driving lessons 
learn korean 
go homming – i really miss doing yoga. i feel so good after
play touch – i have been meaning to but either the lazy bug got the better of me, or i’ve been working, or i wasn’t welcome. gdi!

if you have noticed, i have been spelling out numbers instead because i got some water into my keyboard so the number keys aren’t working anymore and i rely on the virtual keyboard when i need special punctuation that i get from shift+[number] so i don’t use shift+number punctuations unless absolutely necessary…which explains the lack of !!!exclamation marks!!! in this post which is really uncharacteristic isn’t it. maybe it isn’t tingshan blogging. OR IS IT??

my friends are going to enlist – good luck have fun boys, this will be the last time i will call you ‘boys’, after this you will be men – godspeed \\//.

also, i have a new neighbour, with two cute kids called angelina and billy. at first i heard ‘bailey’, which xr and i thought was OMGSOFUCKINKEWL, and that led us to being slightly bummed when we found out that it’s actually billy. nevertheless, they are so cute, billy drew me lots of ice cream today, and angelina looks like she’s going to be gorgeous when she grows up, and i am slightly jealous, this is so retarded i’m frickin’ twelve years older than her. when she’s eighteen and hot and ready to mingle i’d be thirty. OLD HAG WAAAAAAAAH ;_________; nvm i will be milf LAWL k bye friends end of frivolous pointless post that serves no other purpose apart from my need to document my life so that i can look back and laugh some time in the future ~~~

wo hao xiang ni ah


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