so far so good

i completed a one month internship at ong & ong. earned ~900! and of course priceless experience from making models, doing lots of research, making graphics, etc

stayed at seoul for a week ++ with princess kyung tae~

shopped alot, bought cosmetics *v*

visited touristy places like namsan park (beautiful, i would really like to go there again)

and insadong with their teahouses and lovenametag garden and stuff

ate so much spicy food (which i really miss :(), tried sundae for the first time and i love it

walked everywhere,

drank soju

learned how to ski, skiied for two days in fake snow sigh but better than nothing at least the temperature was comfortable

visited a tarot lady etc.Β ALSO discovered an amazing alternative to absolut…wins absolut kurrant hands down heh

i had a great time in korea, and i can’t wait to travel more! am so thankful i had the chance to do that before results came out, because…results were disastrous. ok to be completely objective, it’s not that bad. none of my grades fell below a C, so i’m thankful for that…but it is not good, not at all. i haven’t exactly decided on a path, but i will over the next few days. here’s to an exciting, painful, journey ahead


between feb to mar – saw feist, laura marling, cults, toro y moi, m83 and death cab for cutie with my bb


nus open house with jessica – she got me gong cha and cadbury blackforest <3


turning nineteen

celebrated the eve of my birthday with J and PJ (thanks yall

on my birthday i awoke to a phone call which made me relieved and thankful. spent the afternoon watching trespass (shitty show walao) and had dinner at su’s korean restaurant @ far east, then headed to marina bay for bubble tea and ilights & singapore flyer β™₯ realised how beautiful singapore is at night, and finally learned to appreciate the ‘bareness’ of the artscience museum – did you know that there are projections on its surface at night?! love it. i had a great birthday, love my gifts too thank you :3 :*


so now…back to flitting between one option and the other…


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