week of productivity

the past month, i’ve been trying so hard to make a decision. my head was in such a mess…but thankfully i didn’t rush into anything. i just hope everything goes smoothly from now :)

the past week…

1. signed up for IELTS. goodbye $310…

2. got my provisional driving license :) I CAN START PRACTICAL LESSONS NOW!!! which are going to be so expensive sobs

3. signed up for FTT – 21 June ohmy so far away

4. submitted my NUS and SMU online application forms ^^

5. i received the second half of my paycheck yippeee :3

6. had a very happy past-two-days ^_^

things i have to do

1. submit some docs to smu and nus, and pay the application fee

2. GO HOM CONSISTENTLY bcoz my package expires on 9 april OH THE HORRORRR ok going at 5pm today yay taitai timeslot hopefully the class won’t be crowded~

3. start driving lessons!

4. be nicer kinder more thoughtful and more grateful

5. write essays for overseas appz omagadz howz


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