thoughts and feelings

when i’m being pensive/emotional/a wreck, i feel a strong urge to document my thoughts and feelings so i wouldn’t lose them, so i can revisit them perhaps when i’m more sane to recognize what i think when i’m emotionally charged. or let them serve as evidence of what was in my mind when XXX happened. but documenting thoughts and feelings is tedious because i dont necessarily want to document them when they’re at their most vivid. i get distracted easily so sometimesΒ when i’m ready to pen them down, they’re diluted..gone. some say ignorance is bliss and i guess it should be it’s just so much easier to forget and be happy..right? i think i’m somewhat fortunate to have a selective memory [which does not always cooperate with me] journalling is a good habit though. it’s therapeutic and healing. it’s less for re-reflection, i hardly revisit my old thoughts. i just find it helpful to get things out of my system

ok end of self-absorbed rant goodnight

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