i could watch you foreverrr

ALRIGHT so after months of indecision and uncertainty, the path ahead is finally clear, at least until next june. as sad as i am about having to leave people behind, people i care for and love so much, i am still pretty excited. i can’t wait to see what’s in store! also, recently, i have gained a sense of clarity…i feel so much more at peace with myself. happier and more capable of loving myself, as well as people around me ^_^

so what i have been doing/done

earning kaching by working part-time as a waitress at Poteato
it’s pretty fun, i like being so occupied. i like busy days even i end up with terribly achy legs. the team is fun, boss is nice, i’m thankful for everyone there they make work so much less torturous

saw jason mraz live
he’s such an all-rounded performer. he’s funny, sensitive, has an amazing voice. i also made a bad joke about why he’s into the whole hobo look now – because he doesn’t like pretty men. HA

watched spidey
it was great as with all superhero movies haha i love the emma stone/andrew garfield pair. and true enough WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITY

reading up on film cams/lomo again
gonna get a new toy but i can’t decide – xa or fuji natura classica??

personal to do list before i fly –

get pierced
get inked
spend more time with family
spend more time with xianrong
spend more time with friends
get a new laptop
get an iphone
buy new toyyy
sort out itunes
clean out closet
eat at Open Door Policy
check Loof out

legit to do list before i fly –

settle accommodation
obtain visa
book air tickets
get that disgusting thing off my foot lulz

and…yup. that’s bout it. WOWEE. gonna work my ass off the rest of july and august i will be freEeEeEeEeEe


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